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Grandma Becomes Your Wife Ch. 01

by RottenPines on Mar 16, 2020

Grandmother tries on her old wedding dress for grandson *** [F4M] [Script Offer] [Grandmother] [Grandma] [Grandson] [Over 18] [Incest] [Love] [Wedding] [Marriage] [Exchanging Vows] [Creampie] [Impreg] [Impregnation] Description: When her grandson comes over to spend the summer, grandma discover her old wedding dress. Her grandson convinces her to try it o...

Grandma Becomes Your Wife Ch. 03

by RottenPines on Mar 16, 2020

Grandmother Fights To Legalize Grandmother/Grandson Marriage [F4M] [Script Offer] [Incest] [Age] [Grandmother] [Grandson] [Over 18] [Handjob] [Cock Sucking] [Oral] [Nipple Sucking] [Fucking] [Creampie] [Impregnation] [Sequel] [Part 3] Description: Part 3 in my Grandmother/Grandson series. This time, Grandmother has a meeting with a powerful female senator,...

Prescription for Pleasure Ch. 04

by bamadude55 on Sep 15, 2017

Chris sat at the kitchen table staring at the clock. He was supposed to meet his aunt at her office around 3:00 PM. He was looking forward to his appointment but the clock kept ticking a little too slowly in his mind. He tried everything to keep his mind off all of the sex he had yesterday but it was to no avail. It was around 11:30 AM when his cock began...

Grandma Becomes Your Wife Ch. 02

by RottenPines on Mar 16, 2020

Grandmother Shows Her Friend The Beauty Of Fucking Her Grandson *** [Script Offer] [F4M] [F4MF] [Grandmother] [Grandma] [Granny] [Grandson] [Incest] [Marriage] [Impregnation] [Pregnant] [Love] [Over 18] [Creampie] [Masturbation] [Sequel] Description: A sequel to my script, "Grandmother tries on her old wedding dress for grandson", in which a grandson spen...

Hostile Family Takeover

by Scot1234 on Sep 15, 2017

Tony knew his lust for the women in his family had started with his younger sister. It was on her eighteenth birthday, as she fooled around with her friends at the lavish party their mother and grandmother had thrown for her, that he began to look at her as someone other than his annoying kid sister. She was wearing a very small bikini, as were many of her f...

Family Tales Ch. 03

by Scot1234 on Dec 25, 2017

It had been the best year of his life. He had fucked his mother in the way he knew she had always wanted to be taken and in a way that meant she couldn't help but want more. Then he had started working in his grandparents' shop and discovered that his grandmother was even more of a slut than his mother. The difference was that his grandmother was very submi...

Minister's Family Embraces Incest Pt. 05

by petskunk on Oct 21, 2019

As always, my characters involved in the sex are all over the age of 18. Since this is my fantasy, there are no STD's or unwanted pregnancies. All of my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers are only mentioned when part of the sex. They also eat when needed; none of my characters go hungry. The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. In...

Back to Woodstock

by jack_straw on Sep 15, 2017

Rachel Hardy's eyes were misty, and she had a faraway look on her face as she gazed over the grassy meadow where it all happened so many years ago. In her mind's eye she could picture the meadow as it had looked back then, the sea of humanity covering the area as far as one could see, the high stage at the far end at the bottom of the hill, the many tents t...

Grandma's Cottage

by geronimo_appleby on Sep 15, 2017

Another incest tale from me. I decided to move into new territory with this one by introducing a different generational mix. I tried to make Granny as sexy as I could without bending reality too much; I mean, a lady in her 60s isn't going to be smooth and flawless as a 20 year old, but I used yoga to keep her supple and toned. Anyway I hope the imagery comes...

Your Pussy Or Your Life

by Toolboy5 on Sep 16, 2017

1. England in the early Eighteenth Century was a lawless country populated by the toffs on the one hand and the proletariat on the other. It was also a land noted for its number of highwaymen, chief among which was Dick Turpin from whom nobody who travelled the highways and byways of that green and not-so-pleasant land was safe. But there was another Dick...