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Infinite Scroll

The Dominatrix

by enfantterrible on Sep 13, 2017

Madam Pussy Cat was an exclusive dominatrix by profession and would never leave her abode without a full covering of leather. She loved to feel it cling to her flesh, constricting her cunt in the most delightful of ways. "KISS THE GROUND YOU SNIVELLING PIECE OF SHIT!" She would scream as she cracked her whip, "THAT'S RIGHT ARSEHOLE, BEND THE FUCK OVER FOR M...

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Size Matters

by idahoboy on May 5, 2015
Science Fiction

Adam rushed into his room after school. His dick was already straining in his pants. It seemed like it was getting harder and harder to make it through a day of school without jerking off. The young man had taken to blowing a load in the toilet at lunch. Today, he couldn't find an empty stall before the bell rang. The boy dropped his pants wrapped his hand a...

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by Neorotoxin on Sep 26, 2017
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

My story starts off during a camping trip, deep in the woods, well outside of what most people would call civilization, which suited me just fine. I was lucky enough that I had an abundance of cash but nothing on which I needed to spend it on. I was one of the few that managed to make a killing in the stock market instead of losing everything during the time...

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Autus: Epilogue Pt. 01

by sexgundam666 on Sep 14, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Diana's Journal – Entry 1 This is exceptionally late into the experiment. I honestly can't believe I didn't consider this before, though it's not all that surprising; I've been known to neglect things like this in the past. Allie says that it always makes her laugh, since I'm one of the more exceptional students in the university. I'd be lying if I said I d...

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The Chosen One

by Zaulek on Jan 13, 2019

[Author's note: if you ever come up with a story or branch, you can add it. Because it's an option that wasn't quite popular, I decided to make the story public. No revisisons from me, everything can be added, as longs as it doesn't break the site's ToS] A person wakes up from sleep to the sight of a room, different than the one they began their night in. A...

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Autus: Epilogue Pt. 03: Final

by sexgundam666 on Sep 16, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Author's Note: In case it's not obvious by the end of this, I do have plans to create a proper sequel to Autus, but it won't happen for quite some time. I have several other projects that have been neglected in recent weeks/months. Without further ado, enjoy. ***** Kona's Journal Entry #1: Well, since Gwen and Diana are writing, I figured; why not? I coul...

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Go Bare Down There - A Girls Guide

by perplexer on Aug 28, 2017
How To

If you are reading this article, I will assume that you are a first-timer and have never taken scissors, a razor, an electric shaver or anything else to the fuzz growing between your legs. It may be in a state of complete chaos and you're wondering how things ever got so out of control...but the important thing is that you've taken that first step and decide...

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by Cr4ck on Sep 26, 2017

I've recently begun working on a game that contains many of the same themes as this story and it's where most of my efforts are directed towards right now. You can find it on TFGamesSite here: I've also set up a Patreon for people who would like to support me in order to get more content of t...

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The Dungeons of Drath'nalak

by ooo_lmooo on May 26, 2018

It had been a long, intense day of travel, but even as the sun started to dip over the edge of the horizon, the last few steps were taken, and you looked upon a gaping crevasse, the entrance into the dreaded halls of Drath'nalak. Inside was rumored to be wealth beyond measure, anything from simple piles of gold to enchanted jewelry, magic tomes, technologica...

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The Lonely God.

by joshman110 on Aug 30, 2017

So guess what? You're a god. I know, right? It's pretty cool. Infinite power has a lot of perks. You can be whatever gender or species that you desire. You can go to any universe and do whatever the fuck you want. For example, you could go to world where high fantasy is the name of the game. You could be a brave dragon-slaying knight or a buxom princess with...

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