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I Love My Hairy Mom Ch. 02

by daitalianjob on Sep 15, 2017

This is the second chapter of my series "I Love My Hairy Mom." PLEASE SEND ME YOUR COMMENTS, THOUGHTS, REQUESTS, IDEAS AND ANY THOUGHTS YOU HAVE ABOUT HAIRY BUSH AND HAIRY SONS/MOTHERS. I WILL RESPOND! You can email me by clicking the "Contact" tab on my author profile page. Just click my name on here to get there! All characters are OVER 18 in this story....

I Love My Hairy Mom Ch. 01

by daitalianjob on Sep 15, 2017

This is the first story I've ever written. It is my fantasy about my mother and I. Please read and comment and send me messages about your thoughts! Special thanks to Ahabscribe for pushing me to write this. All characters are OVER 18 in this story. Main character (boy/son) is 23 years old Mother is 47 years old I Love My Hairy Mom: Part I Prolo...

Hairy Fun At Home...

by riri_7519 on Sep 15, 2017

- 18 y/o boy ejaculating inside his 18 y/o sister's mouth! - 18 y/o boy ejaculating inside his 18 y/o sister's hairy pussy! - 18 y/o boy sucking his 36 y/o mother's hairy pussy and hairy ass! - 18 y/o girl and her 36 y/o mother licking each other hairy armpits! - 18 y/o boy licking his own sperm on his 36 y/o mother's hairy pubis and armpits! - 36 y/o w...

The Phallic Woman Theory

by hotwriter1 on Sep 16, 2017
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Being sexually attracted to hairy women ineluctably has homoerotic overtones. In the unconscious, internalized iconography of our culture, body hair is a masculine trait, not a feminine one. A hirsute woman is, in effect, a masculinized woman. One of the most intriguing and original psychoanalytic treatises to appear in the past 20 years is Female Perversi...

Doctor Injects Mom

by fargas111 on Apr 14, 2020

Editor's note: this submission contains scenes of voyeur incest or incest content. * I got really sick at 18 and my dad and mom took me to all kinds of doctors to be able to treat me but none were successful. One day, one of my dad's colleagues told him about a doctor a few hours away in another town that they say is so good he can heal almost any disease...

Cancun with My Hairy Mom

by daitalianjob on Sep 15, 2017

Note: The characters in my stories are all the same. The following story is a continuation in the lives of the mother and son in the "I Love My Hairy Mom" stories. Please refer to those before reading the following story to have the necessary background information about the two. The characters are both over 18 years of age. Feel free to contact me for que...

Spanish Hairlem Part V

by belab on Sep 15, 2017

They all left and we were left alone. Emilio my dad and my mom Conchita looked positively embarrassed by their show of lust before Isabella and me. Mom was still nude and the profuse hair in her bushy underarms was matted with copious sweat from her exertions. Emilio’s massive erection had subsided though it looked still very large even though it was flaccid...

Mom: The Ultimate Taboo

by atomicwarpig on Sep 14, 2017

I was watching the 80’s incest porn classic Taboo. You know, the one where Kay Parker, the hot, older woman, has sex with her son. It was a Friday night, and no one was home. I dimmed the lights and stroked the growing bulge in my jeans in anticipation as the story heated up The son was watching breathlessly as his mother undressed and took the slowest, most...

Miss Hairy Armpits 2003 Ch. 4

by belab on Sep 15, 2017

I have received several letters from readers and some of them had asked me to write about “Miss Hairy Armpits 2003”. Instead I replied to them to send entries, which would meet the criteria, which include (i) hairiness and (ii) some sex involved. Here are the ten best entries. I have edited some portions of the story. THE STORY OF LINDA This is the stor...

Rhair Entry Ch. 1

by belab on Sep 14, 2017

I am a woman who craves for cock. Ever since I finished college I have been fucked in all my holes and betrayed by many men. I love sex and I use it to my advantage. My boyfriend Rick loves me but he is obsessed by my hirsute body. I have never shaved my body hair. I have heaps of soft silky unruly hair in my unshaven armpits and my pubic hair is hick, full...