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A Cousin's Apartment Ch. 03

by courage33 on Sep 15, 2017

Being woken up by someone stroking my cock is incredible. Waking up and realizing it is my Aunt's hand going up and down me while her head is buried in my cousin's hairy pussy who is laying next to me naked on the bed, is beyond anything what one might imagine. I can't believe this is really happening; the three of us had just slept wonderfully naked togethe...

Watching My Loving Parents Ch. 04

by Ammavan on Sep 18, 2017

Bright rays of sunlight beamed into my room through tiny openings on the wooden walls of my room, as I woke up on the Tuesday morning, to the sounds of birds happily chirping on the jambu (guava) and belimbing (star fruit) trees at the back of my house (right behind my room). Recalling the events of the night before I felt overjoyed about my sexual graduatio...

Unusual Relations

by JDecker on Sep 16, 2017

My mother Anne was a rather average-looking woman. Her hair was brown, short and curly, and she had a pear-shaped body with wide hips. Her breasts were hanging low and they had huge dark areolas. Right now mom's wide cellulite-ridden ass was up. It had a couple of dark moles on it, and I could see the nest of wiry hairs which surrounded the opening of her...

My Mother

by teerex101 on Jun 10, 2019

It has taken me a long time to get this down in writing. I am in my early 70's, married when I was 34, found out my wife was having an affair and divorced when I was 41. The consequence of finding out about the affair had a psychological effect on me as I began to feel inadequate when it came to sex. It was between the time that the now ex-wife said she want...

Watching My Hairy Mom

by Madabouthair on Sep 16, 2017

A nosy son learns about his family back in the 1970's... *** I had what some might call a perverted hobby during my younger days. Most 18 year old guys were busy chasing girls but I was never good at catching them back then so I chose the next best thing. I was a voyeur, although I didn't know the word back then. I liked to look at a woman as she dressed,...

Hairy Christmas!

by regularguy13 on Nov 25, 2019

This is a true story. Life, spouses, and jobs have caused my sister and me to leave our hometown. We live on opposite coasts now. We try to get together for the holidays. When we do, we laugh heartily as we recalled that memorable Christmas Eve when I helped her out of a hairy situation. It led to great taboo sex - incest and anal! Of course, discussing th...

Shower Mom Ch. 02

by RGB650 on Sep 15, 2017

It was Monday morning, the first day of college. I remember it well. I tilted my head up into the shower spray and let the hot water flow down over my body. It felt so good. The summer had flown by. I had decided to attend our local community college for the first couple of years and get my basic courses out of the way before heading off to the university (...

Drive-in Mom Ch. 03

by klrxo on Dec 3, 2018

Mom smiled as she still lay on top of me. We were alone at the drive-in and she had just agreed to help me score enough points to have sex with her. "Let's switch positions." She said. Mom unstraddled me and got in the same position I was in, laying on her back, with her ass at the edge of the seat. I started to straddle her as she had me but she stopped m...

The Experience

by JDecker on Sep 16, 2017

Mom's eyes were closed in concentration. Her hair was short and mousy brown. She had no curves, what little she had for breasts were flat and saggy, although her nipples and areolas were big. She was on her knees and she had a thicket of bushy dark hair between her legs. What can I say, I don't think many people would find their own mother attractive. I cert...

Look Who's Peeking

by indy_pop on Sep 15, 2017

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All the characters depicted in the story are above eighteen. "He's doing it again." It was the first thought that came to my mind as I peeked inside my son's room. Inside the room, my son Fred was laying spread eagle on his big double bed. I observed my handsome son as he slowly stripped off his clothes. He remove...