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Hot Summers Day

by fit_4_u on Sep 15, 2017

It was the middle of July and it was an extremely hot day. My mom was out sunbathing in our backyard and for ages now I wanted to fuck my mother. My mom was 43, tall, brown hair and an amazing figure with 36G breasts and a juicy round bum. From my moms bedroom I could see her lying out side on the sun lounge chair. This gave me the opportunity to have a loo...

Becky Had a Big Mouth

by VeryDirtyMind on Sep 14, 2017

Readers please note... This story contains elements of voyeurism and exhibitionism and the main characters are a middle-aged woman who keeps her body in a mostly natural state and a much younger guy whose tastes run toward exactly that type of woman. *** The date was July 14, 1971 and it was just around noon when I walked down Exchange Street after stoppin...

Beth Ch. 2

by Adam Kilmer on Sep 15, 2017

Dean woke up the next morning in a state of horny excitement. He could hardly believe what he had done with his mom last night. It was no certainly no dream but his mom's presence in his room had been dream-like…she had looked so gorgeous with her huge tits and killer body exposed. Dean remembered her sitting on top of him, her lovely ass toward his face, an...

Confession Ch. 03

by phsssst on Sep 15, 2017

As the months passed after our first unbelievable encounter, we became a little more mundane in our loving. That's not to say we became complacent. It was more a case of being truly shocked by our behavior that first evening. I think we were both a little frightened of the lack of control we had both exhibited. Yet, although I can't speak for my mother, I my...

Studs are the Cure Ch. 01

by fargas111 on May 4, 2020
Erotic Couplings

Dad was not happy to bring the bottle to mom but it was either this or her pains were come back soon enough. In a week's time she would develop a fever and start losing weight. Dad could not see mom go through all this again. This has become the norm for the last few months, or at least since the doctors at the National Institute of Female Health (NIFH) cam...

Family Fun

by Phillip39T on Sep 15, 2017

I had just finished an exciting year on an overseas student exchange and was happy to be back home. Whilst I was thrilled with my time in Japan, away from all the constraints of living at home, where I had spent most of my time exploring my sexuality. I was looking forward to settling back into life in Melbourne and had moved back into my parents home to hel...

Watching My Loving Parents Ch. 07

by Ammavan on Sep 18, 2017

I was woken up by the loud noise of a motorbike – it felt as though the motorbike was right next to my room wall. Grumbling, I pulled away my blanket and turned to look at my bedside clock. It was already 10:15 am. God! I must have slept like a log – but considering the extended physical activities of the night before, it was no surprise. I allowed myself a...

The Ha(i)rdy Girls

by belab on Sep 13, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

My name is Francesca Hardy and I live with my twin sister Bella in Milan. My mother separated from my English father Joe more than 30 years ago shortly after we were born and settled back in Manchester where he married again. We hardly wrote to Dad but we knew that he had remarried shortly after the divorce and had children from his new wife. Both Bella and...

Playing Doctor

by hairyhunny on Sep 15, 2017

Based on a true story My sister and I had always had a great relationship. I was the younger "protective" brother and she was the older "troubled" child that always had me on my toes. You see my sister and I were the only ones we could count on after my dad died in a plane accident. My mother was a local gynecologist, and always busy with patients and rarel...

Spanish Hairlem Ch. 8

by belab on Sep 15, 2017

We all settled around Dad even Mom looked a bit excited as Emilio reminisced about his early days. Isabella snuggled next to him his large cock in her hands as she stroked it as it swelled after her ministrations. Conchita did not seem to mind as Isabella every now and then would bend down and lick his precum and his cock really looked extremely large. Conch...