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Mummy's Girl

by Seidah on Sep 12, 2017
Interracial Love

The divorce from my dad hit my 45 year old mum Naziesh very hard. They had been married for 25 years, had me, set up the business, travelled the world and done so much together. It also caused a storm in our close knit Bangladeshi muslim community in Enfield. People disapproved and let them know it too. Dads affair with Chanette, his sexy black PA who was 2...

Ladies Network Ch. 08

by Maggie Red Rose on Sep 25, 2017

Prologue: Before beginning chapter 8 I want to clarify the difference between water sports and female ejaculation. I received mixed responses from readers about the exchange of body fluids between my female characters, namely Penny and her love partners. Water sports such as Golden Showers and female ejaculation are two distinctly different phenomena. Gold...

The Nudist and His Lover's Mother

by nudemac on Sep 16, 2017

The story below is written with the intention of putting my fantasy down on paper (symbolic) and allowing others to enjoy it as much as I do. There are some conditions that must be met first though: a. You must be of legal age in which ever state, county, country or universe that you reside in. b. If you find graphic sex and detailed descriptions of se...

Prom Night Twist

by PantySniffer69 on Sep 15, 2017

My name is Jacob. I am 21 and I work as a materials handling specialist for a Chicago construction company. It pays very well, and while not always the most exciting job in the world it does have it's moments, like the time we ordered 500 toilet seals and received 500 toilet seats. But I digress. This story is about my Senior Prom. I had just turned 18 at th...

Longhaired Lover from Liverpool Ch. 01

by belab on Sep 12, 2017
First Time

Liverpool is one of Lancashire’s most celebrated towns. It’s the home of the Beatles as well as the famous football team of the same name. It was also made famous by the song “Long haired lover from Liverpool” by the Osmond brothers. I too am a longhaired lover from Liverpool. I love long hair in my lovers and the few I fucked have all had very hairy pussies...

Are You Hairy Down There Too? Ch. 01

by Madabouthair on Sep 19, 2017

The subject of this story is about an older man and a younger woman but please be advised that there is an degree of what some may call fetish involved. Nothing what I consider appalling although if you are concerned the story tags at the end will give you an idea of what to expect. *** As I looked out of my attic window towards my next door neighbor's...

Holiday with Mom

by fit_4_u on Sep 15, 2017

For years I have been fantasising about my own mother. From sexual thoughts in bed to masturbating over pictures of her to masturbating with her panties. My mother is by no means a super model nor is she ugly. She has got 36G breasts and she wears size 14 panties and I know this from looking at her bras and panties. Usually woman with that size of breast...

Oh Son!

by Splunge_Splash on Sep 15, 2017

Sean's mother wasn't due home from work for another hour. He had plenty of time to sneak into her room, grab a bra and underwear from her hamper and jerk off to his heart's delight. Sean had always been hot for his mother but ever since the forced family orgy, his desires were out of control. Lately, all Sean could think of was the way his mother's massive...

Sinning with Cyn

by Mark2 on Sep 15, 2017

I am starting a new series about an incestuous family doing taboo things Naturally it is complete fiction and contains various taboo subjects and themes of a distinctly sexual nature. All participants are over eighteen and completely imagined. I am starting with a bit of lesbian reluctant incest. The future holds CFNM as well as CFNF in a variety of s...

Britney Intrigues Mommy Ch. 02

by DirtyThoughtsOnMyMind on Sep 15, 2017

I woke up in a haze. Was it all a dream? Did my mom actually eat me out and finger me last night?.. How could this have happened? Why did she do this? And how could I have let her? So many thoughts and questions filled my mind as I tried to figure out what went on in my bed last night. It wasn't a dream. My mom woke me up in the middle of the night and made...