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Aaron's Summer of '74

by SDR2000 on May 23, 2018

Chapter One -- Connection The seventies were a raucous and naive time of sexual awakening coupled with kink and fetish-inspired awareness and uninhibited exploration before the onset of AIDS in the early eighties. They were an exciting, brash, and irreverent period in which to come-out. The Disco era was in full-swing. Someone I had heard of from Cornwall,...

PITrified Ch. 3

by belab on Sep 15, 2017

I had a shower and washed out my cum filled body. My hairy pussy was filled with cum which had dripped down my hairy legs. My ass too was feeling a bit strange having tasted its first cock and my armpits were bunched together with the slick pre cum of the various cocks, which had been pressed into my unshaven underarms. I felt good and relaxed and I was itch...

Nothing Nicer than a Hairy Woman

by hrardasarock34104 on Sep 19, 2017

Hair has always been a sexual thing for me. I think the first time that I was turned on was when on a tour with my family and the guide had waist length hair that I could smell and then noticed her arms covered with a thick coating. Then she raised her arms and I could see a forest of hair that probably caused my first public erection. As time went on I not...

A Modern Family

by Willing2Do on Sep 16, 2017

A Modern Family - The Beginning Mom and dad met in high school. Mom was a cheerleader, tennis, volleyball, basketball player, track star and musician; dad a star tennis, football, basketball, baseball player, track and field athlete. He also played guitar. On their first date, both of them just turned 18, they got carried away in their lust. They gave in...

Mom Alone

by fit_4_u on Sep 15, 2017

I was 18 at the time and I was on the internet looking through porn and a link for an incest site came up so I curiously clicked on the link. Inside I found loads of pictures of young guys fucking their hot mature moms and I just got me thinking about my mom and how she was actually really hot. My mom was 42, brunette, a nice big round bubble butt with measu...

Like the Best Ever

by JDecker on Sep 15, 2017

It is interesting to whisper it in dad's ear during breakfast one morning: "I want to give you a BJ, dad. Like the best ever." Luckily mom's back is turned so she does not see his expression and the way he almost fumbles the dishes to the floor. She only wonders about the strange coughing fit he suddenly gets and comes pat his back helpfully. Terri is hummi...

Our Deepest Secrets

by StrangeLife on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

I was barely out of the shower when I heard the doorbell. Seriously, how the hell can it be that the probability of people showing up at your door or calling your phone increases significantly when you're in the bathroom? One of the great unsolved mysteries of the universe perhaps? Or maybe it simply seems that way because of the annoyance factor? "If it's...

Mom Goes Down Ch. 05

by Splunge_Splash on Sep 15, 2017

Six months had passed since Bianca and her family were tortured and raped by Walter and Ronnie. Bianca, her son Sean and her husband had done a shockingly good job of putting the incident behind them. Bianca secretly longed for her son but she kept her emotions in check. As for Sean, he continually masturbated to the thoughts of his mother's body but he nev...

Young Jilnar Jardaly's First Fuck

by Abeedah1978 on Sep 17, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

The following story is fiction, written purely for entertainment purposes and not based on any actual event. Please enjoy reading: ***** "Young Jilnar Jardaly's First Fuck" Hello to all my horny fans! A lot of you have asked me to tell the story about my very first time. And some of you asked me why a classy, elegant, glamorous, famous newsreader has a...

Neighbors, Family and Friends

by NYBoss on Sep 13, 2017
Group Sex

The story is set during the time from high school and concludes, in subsequent chapters, in 1990. The entire story contains group sex, some light bondage, female-female sex and incest. All characters are at least 18 years of age and the sex is always consensual. I had posted this story many years ago on another site and thought it would be good to bring it b...