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Happy Days Ch. 2

by twohard on Sep 25, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

As Richie shot his wad over his body he opened his eyes and as he did he was sure he saw his Mother disappearing out his bedroom door, “Fuck!” he thought, “did Mom see me wanking!” but even as he felt embarrassed he also felt very horny at the idea his mother had seen him. He looked at his clock and realized he would be late for work at his Father’s shop if...

Good Morning Sunshine

by mustanger7up on Sep 15, 2017

My wife and I had gone to see the In laws and ended up staying a week and a half longer than I had intended. Not that it was bad, in fact the last week was most enjoyable. They live right on a large lake and have 32 windows on the East side facing the early morning sunshine, half of them on the bottom floor where we slept. Something I am not used to since...

My Mom & Dad

by rubysen on Sep 15, 2017

My mom has been my best friend since my childhood. She is very good looking. She is extremely fair and her face is very pretty. Her skin and figure are also admirable. My dark and stout dad was extremely possessive of her. Naturally so, as many of his colleagues and friends could not hide their admiration for her. My dad was very bossy towards this docile wo...

Mom and Sisters Humiliated

by combodrive on Sep 15, 2017

It all started on a nice Friday evening. My two sisters and I were going to receive our report cards today. They would be in the mail by the time we got home from high school. We never came home together. My two sisters would always ride together and spend time with their friends after school. They were more social than I will ever be. They never came home u...

You Are Mine

by sabuban on Sep 15, 2017

For your love only "Don't go outside" Niva told very coolly to her aged son Ratan. She was standing in such a position covering the entrance that nobody can go outside without pushing her body specially smashing her heavy boobs covered by thin saris. Her cleavage shows very clear how big they are. Ratan has to go outside to have his regular quota of women...

Keeping Aunt Frances Satisfied

by pameladuncan on Sep 15, 2017

The year 1964 was a good year for the Saint Louis Cardinals (who won the World Series) and Lyndon B. Johnson (who won the presidency), even for my Aunt Frances. That year she divorced Max. The following spring, Aunt Frances moved to California to live with Mother and me, settling into the extra bedroom. The next week or so, my aunt seemed fine. However, one...

My Mom and Her Twin Sister

by navel_lover on Sep 15, 2017

Hi, My name is Ashok Bose. I am 20 years old. I stay with my family (dad and mom) in a village near kolkatta city. My dad is a fisherman and is most of the time at sea fishing. My mom is a housewife. Her name is Raima. She is 43 years old. The incident I am sharing happened last month when Mom's identical twin sister (Riya) came to our house for a visit. Aun...

Make Me Man, Mum Ch. 2

by coley_33 on Sep 16, 2017

**** this is the story 2, continues from Make Me Man Mum. Mom and son went to lingerie shop to buy panties for the son, there they meet Lisa, the owner of the shop and friend of the mom....*** "Oh! Lisa you are so right, I'm sure he wouldn't have any problem if you could shave him." My mom said with a smile and blinked her eye to Lisa. "Yes, we can do that...

Fuller House Pt. 03

by TLMorgan on Apr 24, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

"Oh lord have mercy," moaned former lead singer of Jesse and the Rippers, Jesse Katsopolis as he used his tongue to bath the sweaty foul-smelling soles of Kimmy Gibbler's 7 ½ sized feet in his saliva. His golden tan face looked a bit greenish as he stroked his wet tongue up and down Kimmy's wrinkled stinky soles. He couldn't deny that his enormous cock was a...

The Kardashians Meet The Bangers

by DickThePimp on Aug 20, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

This is a parody... It is not real The Kardashian women, all of them, were driving to Palm Springs for a little getaway when their Escalade ran out of gas. Kris, the mom, who was driving just shook her head, not believing this could happen. "What's wrong mom?" Kim asked. She was in the passengers seat. All four other sisters were in the back seat. Kris thou...