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Simiran's Humiliating Confession

by hairysurfer on Sep 17, 2017

Here is a recent correspondence I had with a young lady who had read my stories and wanted to humiliate herself by telling me some of the most shameful and embarrassing things about her own private parts: Hey!! I'm a young Indian girl and I would like to share my dirty details with you. You turn me on. I love your stories and loved the idea of being one of...

Hairysole Can

by belab on Sep 14, 2017

It all began innocently. I was at the supermarket buying some groceries for home. Across the aisle I saw a few items toppling to the floor. A girl in her mid twenties in a short skirt bent down to pick up the fallen cans when my eyes turned and I saw her naked ass. Lots of crinkly black hair was visible growing up her hairy asshole. I was turned on by her bi...

The Harridan Ch. 1

by belab on Aug 31, 2017
Group Sex

My boss was in the way of my promotion. I had been General Manager of the Chemical division and being a lady working in what in a male dominated profession was hard. But I had not spent half a lifetime to be denied my promotion as Head of the chemical division of the Fortune 500 conglomerate. I reported to Rick who was Vice President (New Projects) He was sm...

Daddy Sells Jessica

by bushybaby on Sep 15, 2017

Jessica loved being with her Daddy every since that first night he violated her she was bound to him and did whatever he said. He was always very sweet to her even though their relationship was based on his manipulation, she needed his guidance. He was the only man for her. He was a very hot 50 years old, 6'3 dark gray hair and very hairy. She always loved t...

Mata Hairy Ch. 4

by belab on Sep 16, 2017
Group Sex

The doorbell rang and we heard noises in the hallway. For a moment I thought we were being trapped and my days as "MATA HAIRY" were coming to an end but it was Salim and his wife who entered the bedroom. I knew that he was a very important official and a dignitary who had the ears of the powerful but I was taken aback by the polished and graceful look. Sali...

The Singapore Treat Ch. 02

by johara on Sep 16, 2017
Interracial Love

The sight of Norhanah's hairy pussy turned on Rey quickly. Norhanah looked down at his big cock that stood erect and she smacked her thick lips. "Norhanah use your sexy mouth on my cock and give me a good suck baby" Rey said and went near her. Norhanah moved down his body until her face was at his waist. She grasped his throbbing cock and began stroking...

Miss Hairy Armpits 2003 Ch. 3

by belab on Sep 15, 2017
Group Sex

I have received several letters from readers and some of them had asked me to write about “Miss Hairy Armpits 2003”. Instead I replied to them to send entries, which would meet the criteria, which include (i) hairiness and (ii) some sex involved. Here are the ten best entries. I have edited some portions of the story. My name is Alberto and I live in Milan....

Hairytage Ch. 1

by belab on Sep 15, 2017

In my house we are all hairy. My mother has been very hirsute. A thick pubic bush and extremely bushy armpits, my aunt who stayed with us also had extremely hairy underarms. I too since I was in my teens never shaved my body hair as being hirsute was natural in my family. All of us would move around the house in loose sleeved or sleeveless dresses and since...

Hairy Madonna

by belab on Sep 14, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

I am a very hairy woman. Ever since I was a teenager I fantasized about hairy men and women and I had masturbated many times thinking not only of the extremely hairy body of Tom Selleck but also the bushy underarms of Madonna. The photographs of Madonna with her arms stretched over her head showing jet-black bushy armpits are etched forever in my memory. La...

The Haristocrats Ch. 4

by belab on Sep 16, 2017

Lord Gower was in his favorite position. Eyes closed in a leather chair Babette and Susanne were between his legs coaxing his massive dick with their mouths. Babette of course has unusually hairy underarms whereas Susanne is a lot younger and has very soft and silky growth in her bushy armpits. She is holding his dick and squeezing his balls as Babette the g...