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Riti's World

by Layne Bryant II on Sep 15, 2017

Riti was an average girl. She was a pretty Indian girl of 5'4" and fair and petite. Small breasts with big round, dark nipples and a dark haired pussy rounded out the lovely sight. It was just her and her mother most of Riti's life. Her father died when she was quite young. Uncle Harem lived with them for a few years. They were a fun threesome. Many ofte...

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Build Your Harem in Ten Easy Steps

by Rubirosa on Sep 16, 2017
Humor & Satire

NOTE: The following essay was sent to the author via OuijaMail, a new mobile app that promises to be the next Instagram. Its proprietary technology allows correspondence between contemporary authors and historical figures. The sender of this essay claims to be Samson, a legendary barbarian warrior from the Middle Ages. According to an unpublished essay by Jo...

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Overseer of the Harem Ch. 11

by SexyGeek on Sep 19, 2017

PART 11 A Visit to The Sultan's Harem Bagoas reclined on the silken cushions as the decorated cart jounced along on its journey. He was a personage of power in his world, but his world was about to change drastically. The first ten chapters of this story tell of the power of Bagoas, Overseer of the Harem of Governor Glaouri in the desert oasis of Ouarazate...

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Idiokti̱sía, Ypi̱réti̱s, Políti̱s Ch. 13

by ninebol on Dec 3, 2018
Mind Control

Research Results Karen presented her preliminary findings to Mitch and Jill in private, "First Mitch, I will tell you what I can of your own results. Dr. Rogers back at the university has provided some of these findings. She will need time to study the whole data set when we get back home for a full report. Since we do not have a baseline for you, I can onl...

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Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 08

by RubiaLaFaye on Sep 16, 2017

EPILOGUE The wave hit Rosebud in the back covering her with spray. Murat screamed: "Big one coming", but before she could turn around green seawater covered her and sent her tumbling to the beach. Her belly and breasts scraped the sand and then the water receded again. On hands and knees Rosebud looked around for her stepson and the both of them started lau...

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Demonthorn Ch. 11

by Ghostmambo on Jun 3, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

"You are sure of what you saw?" The demon's deep baritone rang out in the hallway outside of his chamber. "Yes, you demonic idiot!" The Fury yelled, her black wings rustling in agitation. "The last Fury has been found and awoken and we need to do something now!" The demon snarled and grabbed the newly created Night Fury by her neck, pinning her against t...

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Overseer of the Harem Ch. 09

by SexyGeek on Sep 19, 2017

CHAPTER 9 -- DISCIPLINE IN THE HAREM Bagoas the eunuch, Overseer of the Harem, ran across the courtyard of the Taourirt Kasbah. His body servant and protege Hamid followed him. They had been summoned with great urgency by one of the eunuchs that stood guard at the doors of the harem. As Bagoas climbed the stairs to the ornately carved door he heard screams...

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Free World

by CH3636 on May 3, 2019

An alternate world out there. Women have no rights and are treated as objects or animals. There have been attempted revolutions in history but none have succeeded and this is one of the few universal truths of humanity in this world. You could and likely many times will buy, sell, or trade women like furniture, and like furniture could even find them on stre...

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Overseer of the Harem Ch. 10

by SexyGeek on Sep 19, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Bagoas sat in the shade of a tree in the central courtyard of the Taourirt Kasbah in the desert of Morocco. He was a large person, well muscled due to his frequent exercise. Near him sat his body servant and protege, Hamid, just turned 18 and learning his trade. Hamid was fortunate to be apprenticed to such an important person as Bagoas, for Bagoas was Maste...

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The Chesswoman Ch. 01

by JackMoz on Sep 19, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

In January of 2006, a who's who of young starlets began disappearing. It started out with Jessica Biel, who had ducked into the bathroom at the opening of a small boutique in L.A. She never re-emerged. Three days later, an unofficial taskforce consisting of the F.B.I., the L.A.P.D. and the seemingly omnipresent paparazzi could find neither hide nor hair of h...

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