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The Emperor's New Clothes

by gauchecritic on Sep 1, 2017
Humor & Satire

Long, long ago, in a land far, far away, there lived a plain young (ish) girl who worked in her father's Inn at the sign of the "Emperor's Arse". Sign writing in those days, in that town, was carried out by a fellow whose name was Vincent Von Go, who, in his youth, had fallen in love with a pair of twins, both of whom broke his heart. In a futile but histo...

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by ZeypherValkyrie on Sep 14, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Rays of golden sunlight poured through the dormitory windows, shining down on Hermione as she walked around trying to rub the sleep out of her eyes. Her whole world had turned upside down in a matter of minutes. Her hair was mussed and was stringy with sweat and traces of Myrtle’s cum. Rubbing hands against the sticky substance Hermione licked her fingers ta...

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A Winter's Tale

by SpaceToast on Sep 16, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A robed figure made its way up the snowy path. It stopped at the door. The small house was unlit, and there was no smoke coming from the chimney. The figure looked cautiously around, to make sure no one had followed, and then quietly knocked. The door opened. Gradually, two eyes appeared. "Ron," said Hermione, letting him in and shutting the door behind him...

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Ginny's Futa Revenge

by adstyle22 on Sep 2, 2019
Fan Fiction

Physical appearance: Hermione- As you'd expect really. Slender, pretty and her trademark curly locks. As far I know Hermione was never a C-cup originally, but I could be wrong, either way she is one here. She's gotten a lovely in-ward curve on either side of her waist, aka hourglass figure. A really nice arse, cuppable in the hands but firm and don't look ou...

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A Victorian Lord Ch. 06

by MustafaFuch on Sep 16, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Charlie Rokeby lay contentedly holding his beloved wife in his arms, her hair soft and golden now flowed sweet and womanly to her shoulders the boyish style now set aside as her belly and breasts swelled from his heir growing within. They knew their assassination was planned by Hermione, Dowager Lady Rokeby, whom had supposed she not Charlie would inherit o...

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Harry Potter: Muggle Magic

by Ragnockae136 on Aug 4, 2018
Fan Fiction

(Ollivanders) John was in Ollivanders Wand Shop to Purchase a Wand. He had no illusions about why he was here, basically get A Wand and Basic School Supplies, then Fuck off for good. That was how his Father had more or less put it to him. He Entered into Ollivanders and Perused the various Wands, he knew where his Skills laid: Arithmancy, Transfiguration, Co...

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Sex story's

by Queen Death on Oct 30, 2016
Fan Fiction

(All characters in this story are at least 18 years old) Here are some random sex story's that i had on my computer so enjoy...What's next? The Chamber of Sexual fun Hermione Learns Her Lesson The slytherin fun The Hogwarts Express fun Hermione woke from a long sleep dream Hogwarts Express Sex Fun Ron's Accident Hogwarts Greenhouse 14 Malfoy's...

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Hermione and her Cursed Penis

by Queen Death on Sep 26, 2017

(All characters in this story are at least 18 years old) Hermione, Ginny and Luna where in the school's potion lab, the room was for students to make potions for extra credit, Hermione and her two friends where working on a new potion, this potion was going to be for woman who want to look younger as well as sexy'er then what they are now. "Are you sure...

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The Morning After The Night Before

by Schaka on May 22, 2019

This story is semi autobiographically. The names have been changed to save a marriage. All characters engaged in sex acts are at least 18 years old. *** The morning sun streaming in his bedroom window was like a knife stabbing Joel Vincent's eyes. It sent shooting pains through his head. He groaned and brought his hands to his throbbing head. It felt like...

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Harry potter and the odor of his Penis

by Queen Death on Sep 26, 2017

((( NOTE: I don't own any harry potter, also this story was on Choose your own change, but was removed in 2009, so i thought to post it here, also i will be adding more that what was posted before**, All characters in this story are at least 18 years old)** Harry's nose twitched as the first hint of the smell hit him. Ron smelt it next, "Oh my God&quot...

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