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Tighter Than Virgins

by alternatereality08 on May 4, 2017

When Sarah Lences created a serum that would allow women to seal entry to their vaginas and assholes in order to prevent rape, the world erupted with cheers. Many people believed that the serum would end basically all sexual assault. Specifically, the serum allowed the woman injected with it to tighten her holes to the point where no human could reasonably f...

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by MischiefMystic on Sep 26, 2017

JD and his wife Jessica had their daughter, Laci, when they were just in high school. Needless to say, becoming teen parents put a strain on their relationship early on. The bickering and discontent festered over the years until JD realized that he had spent the vast majority of his free time away from home. He worked long hours and went to the bar most nigh...

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Antonio the Serial Rapist

by ajinomoto on Sep 14, 2017

Antonio Velasquez was pretty sure he was screwed when the police obtained a search warrant for his DNA. The previous night, he had violently raped his ex-girlfriend after he saw her at a fraternity party grinding with another man. She had called the cops on him and identified him in a police lineup. He could've sworn she would have been too scared to call, o...

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About the Author

by HootergirlMisty on Sep 14, 2017

Although this story is autobiographical and based on fact, the owners of LITEROTICA.COM have guidelines that proclaim that sex is not allowed among minors. I find this strange, with regard to fictitious characters; and stranger still with regard to real-life biographies. After all, most people are well aware of the age at which they became sexually active, a...

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Shagging Louisa

by mattmatthews on Oct 10, 2018

Author's Note: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. This is based on a true story. * Kay Stiles inserted herself into my life the first week of sophomore year. A petite blond ex-high school cheerleader/gymnast with huge baby blue eyes and large toothy smile, she abandoned sports at university to join the geek world by choosing an acco...

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Darcy's Punishment

by amasterfound on Dec 12, 2018

Darcy giggled as she looked at the poor sob's crotch. He clearly had blue balls from all of the teasing that she gave him. It served the bastard right for drooling over her ass! Who said that she had to put out, just because she flirted with him? She took a certain sadistic delight in leading boys on for a long time, even occasionally letting them cop a feel...

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Ben & Nancy Ch. 15

by D.C. Roi on Sep 14, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Passion in James County XV: Ben and Nancy "Mr. Barrett, could you tell me again exactly what the young woman said before she passed out?" a handsome, well-built young man wearing a dark blue sweatshirt with SHERIFF in white letters across the front asked the Jamestown High School janitor. He was Lt. Tim Jackman, head of the James County Sheriff's Department...

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The Nice Guy

by binder38us on Sep 16, 2017

The Nice Guy sat in his car waiting for the last person to leave the office where he worked. He knew Tiffany worked late on Monday nights and decided this was the Monday he was going to rape her. Tiffany was a hottie. 5'4" , size 18, nice big breasts, hippy. He liked big women, always have. The first girl he had ever raped had been a big girl.... Tracy alw...

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Team Spirit

by PiperHamlin on Sep 18, 2018
Loving Wives

This is my fourth story in the LW category. For those who have followed my previous work, I suggest skipping to the tags first. If you've liked my other stuff, you may not like this one. Then again, you may. Introduction out of the way, I hope both new readers and my tens of fans all find something to enjoy in this short piece. The restaurant business is l...

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by GToast on Sep 15, 2017

This story is a composite based on some real events and some news stories. Insofar as it concerns me personally, it is fiction. It’s based partly on a story I wrote twelve years ago and abandoned, only to be revived when Mike Nifong tried to fuck over the Duke players; but this story was NOT inspired by that case. It is also NOT a stroke story. Oh, and b...

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