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Brother Likes Boobs Ch. 03

by PanWhoWrites on Jun 4, 2019

Carol loved me. Everyone loved me. Everyone. But as I left the bathroom, I was practically floating on air. Carol loved me. Carol loved me. It made sense. After all, everyone know that big boobs are sexy...and there are none as big as mine. So mine were the sexiest. Fat tits felt amazing, and mine were the fattest. I hated having to keep my big...

Competition Cups Ch. 02

by TheJohnsonator05 on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

The alarm went off at 6:00 A.M. and Jeff got out of bed. He quietly slipped into the bathroom and got into the shower. He came out 10 minutes later seeing that Brittney was still asleep. He smiled and thought that he would have fun with waking her up. He took both of her Triple Ds in his hands and began to massage them. "Mmm," moaned Brittney, still half a...

My Big Boob Mommy Ch. 3

by nataliamarie38dd on Sep 15, 2017

* * * * * My slut mommy and her whore sister are shivering with lust, as they are going to put on a great show for their beloved tit hungry daughter. I have been thinking about all the things I wanted to watch them enacting for me. I lust for their huge fucking boobs and I am so lucky that I am going to watch two great big tit whores, using their tits in al...

Christmas Cups

by TheJohnsonator05 on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

The snow was falling and completely covered the ground outside the Brooks house. But inside things were just heating up as Brittney and Jeff Brooks were enjoying a bit of holiday cheer. "Mmmm," giggled Brittney as Jeff kissed her while they laid in bed, she dressed in a tight tank top and pajama shorts and he in a tank top and boxers, "Mmmm Jeff that tickl...

Birthday Cups

by TheJohnsonator05 on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

"Mmmmh," gasped Brittney as Jeff shoved his cock into her mouth. She then giggled and moaned as she began to suck it, "Mmmm, Mmmh, Mmmmmm." "Uhhh, Britt," moaned Jeff as his wife ran her tongue along his shaft, licking the head as she continued to suck, "Uhh baby." "Mmmm," giggled Brittney as she tightened her lips, "Mmmh, Mmmh, Mmmh, Mmmmmm." "Ohhh,...

Competition Cups Ch. 01

by TheJohnsonator05 on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

The floor thudded as Jeff drove his opponent backwards into the mat with a take down. "Come on babe you can do it," said a busty brunette who was sitting in the crowd watching the muscular athlete try to pin his opponent. He quickly locked his arms around his opponent's head and arm in a tight headlock and squeezed until he heard the referee blow the whist...

M. Pumpkins' House of Hooters 01

by bustyalix on Sep 25, 2017
Erotic Horror

A note from the authoress: Hi. Recently, I came across a book at a local shop. Upon opening it I realized that it was filled to the spine with erotic thrillers and mysteries. The owner of the shop informed me that it was not for sale, and that I was free to purchase any of the other creepy items she had. The stories were so compelling…and being the e...

Indian Girl Poses for Brother

by Prem_In_Love on Sep 15, 2017

All characters in this story are above 18 and strictly fictional. This is not a grammar thesis and just meant for enjoyment. Happy Reading!! Here goes... ***** Hi all readers. I am Prem, an average Indian guy, and a photographer by profession. I own a photo-studio. Daily many sexy girls and women come and pose as my muse. But there is also a specialty of...

Mom's Titfuck Ch. 03

by LostSoulz on May 15, 2019

Previously: After an amazing titfuck from Jeff's mom and a blowjob from his sister, Jeff is taking his sister up to his room where his mom, Nancy is waiting topless on the bed. *** As the door opened and Amy stepped in, she looked at her impossibly huge titted topless mom on the bed grabbing her boobs and moaning. "Jesus Christ mom," shouted Amy. Shocked...

Big & Beautiful

by Maverick1612 on Sep 12, 2017

The skinny girl, the one with the bony hips and the tits that looked like they got stuck on afterwards with modeling clay, just read you a list of your faults - I mean, like a list written on one of those long sheets of yellow paper with the blue and red lines for Pete's sake - and you tell her to go to hell, as politely as possible. And as you walk down her...