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In Your Loving [Under]arms Ch. 03

by revol on Aug 18, 2017

[Cautionary remark: The following story largely pertains to armpit fetish. If you are in any way offended by any reference to armpits/underarms, then proceed no further. This story is not for you. Feedbacks are welcome only from people who love armpits.] Tony met Emily, only after seven days, as Emily was busy with something. Tony’s excitement was rising da...

A Fat BlackOldWomanLove Story Ch. 02

by BlackOldWomanLove on Sep 15, 2017

Please, don't judge me; I'm just a very warm person with her physical needs who do something with it. I'm a fat black old woman, in a few weeks becoming 62 and divorced 14 years ago. It was a hard time, after a marriage for 23 years I was abandoned for another woman by my husband. Never expected it and it took a some time to recover from it. My marriage wa...

My Summer at Camp Chestlake Ch. 01

by bustyalix on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

stantheman18: hey Bustygirlbff: hey! Bustygirlbff: asl? stantheman18: 18/m/us stantheman18: you? Bustygirlbff: 19/f stantheman18: cool Bustygirlbff: ya stantheman18: so what's up? Bustygirlbff: nm. you? stantheman18: same. your pic is reeeaaaally hot btw Bustygirlbff: they're real... stantheman18: really?! Bustygirlbff: oh yeah :) stantheman18...

A Weekend With Janet & Patti

by kimberlykitten on Sep 19, 2017
Group Sex

Scott had his girlfriend Janet up on make-out mountain, doing what every 23 year old boy would do with a hot brunette 20 year old and that's make out and try to have sex. He was running his fingers through her hair while the two were sucking face. Sliding their tongues into each other's mouths. She felt his tongue ring slide over her tongue, making her quive...

Nudist Family Holiday Ch. 02

by Dick_Spanker on Dec 25, 2019

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. All characters are over 18 and none of the events described are real. It is not the intention of the author to condone or encourage incestuous activity, this is a work of erotic fiction and should be seen as such. It contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature including incest so if you find such material offensive ple...

Fuck a shemale

by joachim on Dec 14, 2005

Congratulations! You've been selected by AR Industries to take part in their AR Sex Suite Programs. Based on the responses you gave on our survey, we've determined that you have an interest in screwing chicks with dicks. Before we begin, we'll just need to figure out what exactly you're looking for: your partner's race, breast size, penis size, and outfit th...

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The Sexy Malay Aunty Nora Azlinah

by johara on Sep 15, 2017

The bungalow house in Pasir Ris bustled with activities. It was a Singapore Malay wedding. Men and women were dressed in their attractive and colorful traditional costumes. Men wore colorful silk shirts and sarongs while the women were with the Baju Kurung and the headscarf (Tudung). On one side of the lawn stood butlers from the Shangri-La Hotel serving the...

Horny Husband & Father Ch. 02

by varun on Sep 15, 2017

Part I - A strange chance makes him see his daughter in another light. He calls in his neighbour for a grope by group on his daughter. The party gets moving. Chilly burns as his cousin sister joins in. ============================== Nisha was playing a DVD as we entered. Nisha had worn a T-shirt and Nylon tights which clung like a second skin. The size of...


by johnthomas19692 on Sep 28, 2020
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. ***** Julie and I have been married for just over three years. I hit the jackpot with her. She's beautiful with long brown hair which she dyes blonde, blue eyes and a great body. Her breasts are big and she likes to wear looses clothing to show off her cleavage. She has small areolas an...

Neighbour Crush Aunty

by Rajrai25 on Oct 6, 2020

Hi everyone this is raj 21 years old with average body 6ft tall and 6" long 2.5" thick penis. The heroine of the story is my neighbor aunty Usha who is 35 year old lady mother of 2 school going children. Her stats are 36-30-36 she used to wear saree always below her round deep navel and flaunt her navel often which is my weak point. Coming to the story, i...