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Competition Cups Ch. 04

by TheJohnsonator05 on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

"Oh God baby," said Brittney, cupping her huge breasts, "I think something is happening to me." Jeff stared at his girlfriend's large boobs as they started to stretch the confines of her top. "Oh, mmm," said Brittney, cradling her expanding rack in her arms, "Oh, they're getting so big." Jeff moaned as Brittney's tits bulged more and more in her bra, p...

Naughty High Class Mom Ch. 01

by showguy on Sep 15, 2017

I would like to thank angel love for her help in editing this story for publication. Let me start by telling you about myself. I am a successful married woman with a 19 year old son, Kyle. Although I am 59 years of age I still capture the attention of every man young or old who I walk by. I often get asked out and I am surprised by the age differences of th...

Sinful Degrees of Separation Pt. 08

by shoguy on Sep 26, 2017

In this chapter Hailey's seventy year old father is a magnet for sexy teens. NERDY TEEN: SCHOOL BOOKWORM Kate was the girl who told, Clare the story of her friends Crystal and Heather fucking her father. If anyone had told Hailey or her cheerleader friends that Kate had fucked her father they all would have thought it was a joke and would have laughed in...

HS Senior and Black Principal

by shoguy on Sep 25, 2017
Interracial Love

I would personally like to thank the hundreds of readers who write constantly, expressing their enthusiasm for my stories. For the many readers who say that my stories fill a vast void on this site of the countless ones lacking "heat" or content that builds and builds I say 'thank you.' Please be advised that even though there are great differences in the...

EFAVA - The Futa Sex Android Ch. 05

by tyrisun on Jul 29, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

It had been days, or maybe months, or even years... EFAVA thought as she drifted in and out of consciousness. She lived in constant orgasmic delirium as her giant cock was stroked constantly and milk flowed soothingly through her long, hard nipples. Her ass eagerly awaited the next man to pry open her fat butt cheeks and thrust his member down her warm, stil...

Hot GILF Wife Ch. 01

by shoguy on Aug 31, 2020

My name is Virginia Wechsler. I'm 76 years old. Don't let my age surprise you, because I've been told by numerous people; including people I meet frequently and countless lovers that I look decades younger. Not to be conceited, or perhaps just a bit, I absolutely do look decades younger. Due to a pampered lifestyle and never having children I have not aged...

Hot Girl Leaves The Trailerpark

by shoguy on Sep 19, 2017

If you enjoy this story please revisit my last two submissions: Naughty High Class Mom parts 1&2. Thank You, hotteeat60. I would like to express my thanks to istanbulnoir for helping edit this feature. Background In The White Trash Trailer Park: The following story is an account of the wild experiences that a friend of mine had fucking my trailer park ste...

Our Wedding

by tlj553 on Apr 20, 2020
Loving Wives

It was the big day. My beautiful bride to be and I had dated for 2 years, and engaged for a year. I'm Jarrod and my fiancé is Shelby. Shelby is 23, and gorgeous brunette with brown eyes. She is 5'5" and 130 lbs, with an amazing body. Shelby and I have had a lot of sex in those three years, but she wanted to come off birth control a couple months prior to the...

Outside The Cube

by sandymonroe on Aug 31, 2017
Group Sex

"The Cube? What is this movie about? Some kind of horror stuff?" I heard Steve from the living room. "Put it in and check it out," Mike answered. I froze. Which DVD were they talking about? The sci-fi-horror directed by Vincenzo Natali in the '90s or its home porn version made up by my boyfriend in the hand-made cube on our backyard? I hoped the guys didn'...

The Menage

by Abeja on Sep 13, 2017

I couldn't help myself; when I came, it was the most incredible sensation. I screamed and writhed as he came filling me with his come. All the while that he was coming, he kept pounding me hard with his huge cock. When he finished, his huge cock softened a little. He was so huge that he left me with a gaping hole when he withdrew. He then asked my girlfriend...