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Infinite Scroll

Slutting Up the Mother Confessor

by RaistlinMajere on Jan 15, 2019
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

CHAPTER 1 - THE RADA'HAN Kahlan sighed as she walked down the street. Cara was close by her side, ever loyal to the Rahls. There had been reports of a young women disappearing down on one of the seedier streets. Richard insisted to let the soldiers or someone else handle it. For weeks now, nobody knew where the girls were disappearing to, only that it had h...

Shota Universe

by HaremStarter on Mar 9, 2020
Science Fiction

If you are enjoying this, please hit the like button at the bottom. _The year is 2263. One hundred sixty-nine years ago, every grown man on earth perished as the result of the Shota Virus pandemic. Males who had not yet entered puberty at that time or were born after faced a different fate. The virus lays dormant in their bodies. Most find the disease to be...

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Planetary Alignment Harem

by Bikieman13 on Feb 19, 2021

As you slept a once in a millennium event occurred. The planets reached perfect alignment and as astronomers around the world observed it something totally unexpected happened. At the exact moment the planets reached their alignment in the instant it happened, the sun turned blue and yellow light poured out of it encompassing the entirety of the solar system...

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Mod your life

by Jlizardi on Jul 15, 2019

One day John woke up and heard a strange voice in his head telling him that he can alter anyone he wanted with the snap of his fingers... he didn’t know where this came from but he wanted to try it.What's next? Mom and dad The police station Feel free to add whatever The neighbor little sister His Aunt Bratty Sister and Her Bratty Friend Himself His Sist...

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The Cost Of Education

by KunningKitsune on Sep 12, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

"Hurry up," her mother snapped. Sayuri Watanabe may have been taller than her mother, but she'd never been able to keep up with her when she was in a hurry. Sayuri had never been to this part of Matsuba – she'd never had a reason. Not that it really mattered. It looked like any suburb in practically every other city in Kanto, the vast sprawl of cities that...

Sex-Cubed Ch. 06: 2's Company, 3's à Ménage

by tentacruelest on Apr 17, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

After managing to calm down the two women and keep them from coming to blows, Krista had them both sit down on the fleshy floor, a good distance away from each other and with her in between. Since they seemed like they were total opposites of each other, with one being a strong, military woman who finds honor in serving her planet and actively hated being th...


by Shandor on Nov 20, 2016

This story is set in the world of Pokémon, only sexier. All characters are far more open to having sex, and the victor of a Pokémon battle can choose to have sex with the loser rather than getting paid. Any contributions should adhere to this, and any Pokémon put in should only appear in a region that they normally would. Note: All characters are 18 or above...

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Truth of the Matter

on Jan 3, 2019
Mind Control

Today, an unsuspecting person will be visited by an all-powerful being, who wants to have some fun. This god or trickster will grant that person the ability to alter everything about the world with merely their voice. Whatever they say, becomes the truth. Will this power be used for good or evil? Who knows, and this being certainly doesn't care. Who will gai...

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by DenomZero on Jan 4, 2021

Welcome to Bihive, a fresh take on the insects nobody really likes, and that tend to scare us half to death on most occations. This story is going to sexualize them to the deepest depths of hell and make them at least more appealing in theory, I hope. The main focus is on bees and everything linked to them, culture, biology and honey, lots of honey. Obvious...

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Whore of the Dragon

by Conan The Librarian on Feb 19, 2020

There, amongst the remnants of the dead race, where their greatest queen reigned, two dragons lie dormant. One of pure evil, one of pure good, both yearning for a vessel, both lusting for a mate... She may be adequate for that purpose, our forlorn child... We shall see. "Silence, fools. We are close to the inner sanctum." The two mercenaries exch...

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