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I Must Be The Slut I Am... Ch. 1

by AwifeWHOlives4cum on Sep 13, 2017
Loving Wives

I Must Be The Slut I Am Behind Hubby's Back Ch. 1 It was the night of my husbands new years party. I'm 28 yrs old 5 feet 4, 109 pounds , 38/28/38. I'm Italian with dark skin dirty blonde hair and green eyes. My husband Jason & I had been married for 2 years but he had no idea what his wife was about to become. I had been having these thoughts of doing the...

David, My Wife's Bi Cuckold

by MCWIMP2 on Sep 19, 2017
Interracial Love

This is a true story of what happened to us about three years ago, and continues today. During our 15 years of marriage, we've been very open with each other sexually. We watch porn movies, pictures, erotic stories and telling each other our fantasies. Eight months ago, we decided to open up our sex life and seek out others to join us for sex. I always had...

Fateful Decisions

by everyonesavoyeur on Sep 25, 2017
Loving Wives

Tim Roberts was a large man. Though after years of knowing him, Steve didn't pay much mind to his 6'-3", 240 pound frame. He was somewhat hairy, hardened thick, and certainly physically imposing at first glance. It didn't take long for one to realize, however, that his hulking presence was merely a facade. At his core he was a warm, welcoming, and jovial ma...

Horny Husband

by Hornyhusband on Sep 11, 2016
Cheating Spouses

You are an indian husband who is having beautiful and hot sexy wife. She is a working woman with sexy figure of 34 28 38 wih round curvy big ass. She wears all type of traditional indian clothes and western wear. She loves wine and beer. You both are adventurous in bed im terms of trying new positions and sometimes roleplaying. but you do sometimes think tha...

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African Boss

by Dales1971 on Sep 19, 2017
Interracial Love

Bob is an experienced account manager. He and his wife, Sharon, had been enticed to move to Africa for a very well-paying job with Aba Abdu's company. The salary he would earn in exchange for the two year contract he had with Aba would pay him as much as he could earn in 10 years in the US. The living quarters that the company provided were very luxurious an...

Trish's Tits Ch. 01

by biggerredder1 on Sep 18, 2018

Author's note: If you like this story, please comment. If you don't like this story, also comment and tell me why. ***** The time was 7 AM. I woke up in bed up with a splitting headache. My husband had already gotten up earlier to go to work. I was still drowsy and half asleep when I reached over to my husbands nightstand, and grabbed some headache pills....

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

by Target69 on Nov 16, 2020
Loving Wives

I've read several stories on Literotica about cheating wives and their secretive, adulterous wiles and schemes. It seems they all just happen to find that wonderful guy with the biggest piece of meat they've ever seen. It's just so marvelously huge they just can hardly imagine trying to fit it into their tiny mouths. They don't believe they could ever fit it...

Round of Four Pt. 01

by RiteofSpring on Sep 1, 2017
Group Sex

Heading For Manhattan We're leaving Albany behind on the thruway, and the questions start in the rented SUV. "Are you really going to have sex with us?" What a dumb question. Of course I am going to fuck them. That was the deal. We left the parking lot at work in our upstate town with a deal in the bag. The deal was that I would quit the company and not c...

Three Loving Wives

by donaldelliott11 on Mar 2, 2020
Loving Wives

This story contains three loving wives. I counted them. *** "I don't know why you haven't been able to seal the deal with Nancy," Peter Johnson said to his best friend. "She just doesn't seem interested in fucking me," Michael Dodson replied. "I'm like stuck on your wife's friend list." They were sunbathing next to the Johnsons' pool, naked, as they did...

The Cheryl Cummings Story Ch. 07

by mark_8675309 on Sep 15, 2017
Interracial Love

Chapter Seven – Outage Ends With Bad News It was really the worst possible timing. The lights came back on and the elevator resumed climbing toward the floor that Thomas and Chris worked on. Fortunately for the three, it was Saturday, and there was hardly anyone else in the building so the elevator wasn't stopping on floors in between to let people get on....