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I Saw Your Internet History...

by Freyasbearn on May 18, 2019

It was a normal Saturday, or so it seemed. I woke up a little late, ate a small breakfast, and went naked to my computer. My routine is pretty much the same. I start each weekend day by masturbating to my favorite type of porn. Then, I begin to post about my feelings. I go to forums, and other places, and talk with others about my interests. Sometimes I even...

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Hypnotizing Mom

by Cube on Sep 16, 2017

I was taking psychology in college and I finally got to the course I had wanted to take… a class on hypnosis. Ever since I found out about hypnosis I had this one fantasy that I wanted to make happen but I had to wait for the right time to learn how to do it and to have an excuse to use it. The time had finally come and the object of dreams was my Mom. The...

Mother Fucker

by Nopereeno on Nov 13, 2018

You open your eyes to a bright new day and swing your legs out of bed. Today is the first day of summer break and you have the whole summer to achieve your long desired goal, fucking your mother. You’ve made dozens of different plans in preparation for the end of the school year and now is the time to try some out. A smile slowly forms on your lips as you co...

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Mom is Hypnotized

by Tattletale on Sep 15, 2017

I learned hypnosis to entertain our friends at the swinger parties my wife and I attend several times a month. I had no idea that it would eventually take me down the path to the ultimate taboo. I was extremely popular at swinger parties after I gave my first hypnosis demonstration. Husbands asked me to use hypnosis to alter their wives' behaviors. One frus...

Your Perfectly Programmed Wife

by kblaz3 on Jan 22, 2020
Mind Control

Please Feel free to add chapters to this story. This is my first standalone story. Take a look at my profile for some chapters that I wrote in the past. I will be attempting to put together many options to explore, and with some help, this will hopefully grow into a large dynamic story. Please shoot me a message or comment with any input that you have, const...

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My Lewd Academia

by Furry-god69 on Aug 24, 2020
Fan Fiction

This is a collection of story lines featuring our green cinnamon roll Izuku in lewd situations. Feel free to make your own storylines or add routes onto existing ones. All Characters in this story are 18 years or older.What's next? Feminization Route Hypnosis Route What's next? Feminization Route Hypnosis Route...

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Hypnotizing My Mom

by prevacker on Nov 26, 2018

As part of my medical education, one of the psychiatrists gave our class a lecture on "hypnosis". Then we all argued about "does it work", except it is obvious that it DOES work- what is not obvious is exactly, and how much control of a person can be obtained by hypnosis. Stage hypnotists quickly SELECT individuals who voluntarily show how suggestible they...

Teacher Ch. 01

by GiantNutWrites on Apr 9, 2019
Mind Control

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * Teacher Chapter 1 There were two major reasons why I hated waking up. First, I was taking the most boring diploma on the entire planet — Mathematics. Why hadn't I taken computer science? Wasn't that my passion in life? I guessed that I thought maths would interest me since I alread...

Seducing Your Sister

by reader230 on Nov 9, 2009

It's another average Saturday for you, sitting in front of the TV like an average 20 year old college student home for the summer, flipping through all 200 of your channels yet somehow finding nothing on TV. Frustrated with your inability to find something on TV, you click off the tube and lay back on the couch pondering what exactly you should do today. You...

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My Shrink Doctor

by P0RN4U2READ on Jan 23, 2019

"I think we need to focus on what's bothering you, if we're gonna make any progress today." "Okay Dr. Miles, I will try to do so... but you know how hard it is for me, confessing my inner thoughts to somebody like you..." I'm having a hard time not to gawk at the generous cleavage exposed to me. Nearly a third of her ample breasts spill out above her white...