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Raise your hand, N.C.U. Pt. 01

by Sleepyhypno on Oct 24, 2018
Mind Control

Rayne was in a rush as she ran up the stairs to her dorm room. The 18 year old had just transferred in to New Chicago University and had barely had time to move her stuff into her dorm before having to run to class. She hadn't even had time to meet her roommate. She was just about late for class but hoped that she could at least swing by the dorm room to mee...


by 57 on Sep 26, 2017
Mind Control

You are a 18 year old White boy that always has something about hypnotism. It fascinates you, how people gets defenseless at hypnotist mercy, and how he/she can do do everything with the mind controlled subject. You want to try it, but you don't on how try it. Maybe you try with your family. Soon enough you think on your older sister, who always pranked you....

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You're Getting Very, Very Sleepy

by NLPredator on Sep 13, 2017
Mind Control

((The usual warnings and instructions. The following is an erotic trance with bdsm themes. For best results, find a quiet, comfortable place to read, and let yourself relax. If you enjoyed this story, please rate it, and as always, I love hearing feedback from my readers.)) * You are getting very, very sleepy. Throw in a pocketwatch on a chain and you ha...

Trust In Me

by JukeboxEMCSA on Sep 16, 2017
Mind Control

Malik gave a shy wave to the hazel-eyed woman on the couch in the bright green latex catsuit. "Hi," he said, "I...I saw you raise your hand earlier, when they asked about people interested in finding someone to hypnotize, and..." He trailed off into silence. He wasn't normally this shy around women, but most women weren't six and a half foot tall fiery-haire...

Hypnotizing Mother

by HeyAll on Sep 14, 2017

A brand new sleeping bag was tossed onto my bedroom floor. "Pack your things, we're going camping tomorrow," my mother said with a firm sense of resolve. "Camping?" I asked. "I thought you hated camping." "I do. My therapist found that out today and he suggested I give it another try. He wants me to get over all of my phobias. It made sense once I thought...

An Arrangement Ch. 03

by StoryTeller07 on Dec 31, 2017
Mind Control

Another neighbour is hypnotised Derrick was on his bed thinking of new things for Mrs Jones to do for him. He made a mental note of what had been achieved so far, and grinned. It gave him a great sense of power, to be able to control an adult neighbour through hypnosis. After that first evening, he explored on the internet what he could do with her. He di...

Dinner for Two

by NikkiSwank on Sep 19, 2017
Mind Control

The hypnosis had been both a long shot and a last resort when you tried it a few years ago as a treatment for depression. After a couple years of therapists, prescriptions, exercise, homeopathy, and sundry hadn't worked, you'd become desperate enough to try just about anything. To our mutual surprise, your mood improved dramatically after about six months o...

Cruise Ship Hypnosis Pt. 04 Ch. 01

by SteveLee1146 on Sep 19, 2017
Mind Control

In Cruise Ship Hypnosis, Part 1, Chapter 1, Katie Thatcher was introduced as a stage hypnotist entertainer performing a popular cruise ship show. More importantly, she is also a trained hypnotherapist who holds group sessions to help with a multiplicity of problems such as ending a smoking habit, losing weight, etc. She also holds private sessions for people...

The Hypnosis King

by jkendale on Sep 13, 2017
Mind Control

I was never one to believe in the hypnosis mumbo-jumbo a friend of mine claimed he studied. Bob was a comedian with a fairly decent show every Saturday night at a local club. I always assumed the hypnosis "tricks" he performed as part of his act were staged in advance. I thought he found people to come to the club and knowingly participate in his routine for...

Keep Your Eyes Open

by JukeboxEMCSA on Jul 6, 2020
Mind Control

"No, no, I understand what you're saying, Doctor Ling. I just find it a little bit hard to believe that hypnosis can really do all the things you're saying it can." That was a lie, but technically speaking the courts had ruled that police were allowed to lie to suspects in order to get a confession. And whether she wrote it down in her case file or not, Dete...