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2016 Literotica Reader's Choice Awards Winners

by Literotica on Sep 16, 2017

The stories and authors below were chosen by our readers as the best of 2016, in voting which took place here. Though these are not the only wonderful authors and stories on Literotica, they are worthy of praise and recognition. Thanks to all of the writers for providing us with hours of hot reading, and to all of the readers for your input, support, and a...

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How To Win the Survivor Contest

How To

It's easy and it's fun! "Easy! Well, kind of, not really, not at all. But, it's fun! Well, kind of, not really, not at all." This being my second year competing in Literotica's year long Survivor Contest, I have learned a few things about the Survivor's Contest necessary to win or, at the very least, place in the money. I like the Survivor Contest for two...

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Alien Flashlight Hypnotizes Women Ch. 04

by SusanJillParker on Sep 26, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Brian hypnotizes Donna, Kathy, and grandma too After hypnotizing Grandma, Donna and Kathy's mother and Irene's grandmother with the alien flashlight, Brian led her to the bedroom where her daughters, Donna and Kathy were already naked and ready and waiting for him to give them hot sex. Unfortunately, Brian didn't even have a chance to strip grandma naked. N...

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How to Create Erotica on the iPhone

by Middleagepoet on Sep 14, 2017
How To

Like many of the writer's of illustrated stories at Literotica I have continually searched for a way to create graphic art that can be easily translated into the text of a story and posted at Lit. While photographs using a digital camera is one means of creating some erotic art, if you don't have models willing to pose in sexual positions you are left to eit...

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by gscmar64 on Sep 26, 2017

I'm sitting in front of my locker when Sgt. Gilchrist tells me the captain wants to see me. Hoping beyond all hope this is my big break I grab my hoodie and make my way to the third floor of the 213 precinct. Taking a deep breath before knocking on his door then wait until i hear "Come in!" Opening the door only my head and shoulders inside his off...

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Twenty Questions

by silkstockingslover on Jan 7, 2018
Reviews & Essays

Summary: Jasmine responds to most common questions asked by readers. Thanks to: Tex Beethoven, thor_ph, Robert, and Wayne for editing. 20 Questions I get asked a lot of questions about myself and my writing. There was even an article by Bob_Aganoush called Literotica Authors 02: silkstockingslover. This makes me think I should go into more detail. So her...

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Love Your Readers: Categories

by Tx Tall Tales on Dec 9, 2019
How To

============================ Help Your Readers. Categorized Your Story Correctly. In Love Your Readers, I wrote about things you do to improve the reading experience for your readers. In Love Your Readers: Categories, I'd like to share my ideas on making it easier for the readers to decide to give your stories a read, by placing it in the right category....

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Diary of a Blackmailed Co-Worker: Illustrated

by Kinkycouple2017 on Aug 7, 2018

The day that changed my life started out like every other day at work. I liked to dress a little sexy to tease all the guys. Mostly however I like to take pictures at work to tease my husband. Some are partially dressed, some naked, but always at work. I was careful but daring. It was very exciting being naked in public. Basically they (three coworkers) snu...

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Sexual Practices of Al-Kharijah

by quebec on Nov 26, 2019

© copyright, Raymond Descheneaux, 2019 * I am Jazeera, granddaughter of Sheik Abdul Azziz bin Sultan bin Mofstaffa al Bedou, the absolute ruler of the kingdom of Al-Kharijah. It is the year of the Desert Witches, which corresponds to the end of the reign of Rameses the Second in Egypt. Grandfather had been an ally of the Pharaoh during the war against the...

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The Illustrated Wife

by dirtyjoe69 on Sep 15, 2017

Going on ten years and this fine philly still gets my motor running. Her long auburn hair, her full lips just make me melt. Oh to feel those sweet lips rapped around my rod is an amazing experience! Maybe you could be as lucky as me and feel those moist lips wrap around your hard cock. Would you like that? Perhaps you would like to feel this goddess's tongue...

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