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Infinite Scroll

Goblin breeding slave

by kire5613 on Feb 17, 2014

Kazex was a tribal goblin who lived in the enchanted forest far from civilized society. He lived in a cave with tribal decor, an alchemy lab, and a large sleeping mat. He left his tribe almost a year ago. He felt that he could run the tribe a lot better than the current chief and he spoke his mind off it. That got him exiled but didn't mind. He made a plan t...

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You Are An Orc

by Jesse7747 on Jun 8, 2018

Authors Note: This is a massive story being updated and transferred from "editthis.into". It has something for almost everyone (harem, incest, nonconsent, gender swap, body swap, futa, etc.) so if you don't like a thread poke around. A lot of old threads just abruptly end so if you want more of something either ask, or try writing the ending you wa...

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Breeding Planet

by Robopoop on Jun 6, 2018
Science Fiction

Author's Note: I noticed that this story has not been edited properly to make better sense. Will be working on it when I get the time. It seemed like it was only yesterday when society seemed to suddenly appear a little different. People began to act strangely after new facets of necessity appeared from out of thin air. When it began, individuals received no...

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Monster King

by master_x_2k on Sep 25, 2018

Enable game mode for the real experience. The prologue has some gangbang scenes that could be seen as cucking, skip the prologue to avoid. This story is inspired by the Re:Monster and Reborn as a slime, but the setting, characters and story are completely different. The main route isn’t an Isekai, though you can write that kind of route, the introduction is...

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strange futa world

by monkey17 on Apr 18, 2018

The human race is maid up of Futa's . They look like normal girls except they have dicks. Dicks that are between 6 and 9 inches long. Dicks that aren't human dicks but dog Dicks. There ae some exceptions, Black futa's all have horse cocks between 10 and 12 inches and are normally the most dominant people in all aspects of life. Wile the Caucasian race is spl...

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Milky Ranch Pt. 02

by Pink_Milkmaid on Jan 7, 2018

**This is work of fiction and all characters and places are 100% fictional. All characters 18 and over. Be sure and read part one first!** ***** Daddy Kane milked and bred me several more times before Emma returned. Mainly in his big bed, but once I got so engorged that I had to go find him in the barn. I found him alone in an empty stall, sweeping it out....

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Unconventional Ch. 02

by SEVERUSMAX on Jun 18, 2019

"Okay, I'll bite. I'm still a little confused about what happened last night after I blacked out, but I can talk this out over breakfast, guys. You're all my guests, if you're hungry and want some yourselves," I offered anyone who wanted to eat a chance at my expense. "Ah, don't sweat it. I've covered the whole thing last night and this morning. I took over...

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House Mating II

by diaperslut on Mar 17, 2018

Hello, again! My name is Katherine Ringold and I am a 5'4 white wolf with 34B breasts and I usually jog most mornings to stay in shape. In the two years or so since my last story, lots has changed. I spent about six months at that tech company before leaving and getting a job as a college professor. A much better job, if you ask me. Also, I may have gotten p...

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Breeding Day at the Mall

by Zaos Z on Sep 22, 2016
Mind Control

Cassandra was mad. She didn't like that she had to chauffeur her little brother around town. After all it was his fault their parents had been forced to drop him from their insurance. If he had been a more responsible adult then that fender bender would never have happened. Not bothering to park Cassandra pulled right up to the curve. Showing his typical man...

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Whores for the Horde

by Deadedge on Oct 11, 2019

A twist of magics ancient and the World of Warcraft takes new drastic form. The bloody history of the Horde changes… a lifestyle… a freedom… becomes The Way of the Horde. The prudish Alliance think it wrong and uncivilized, but for the races of the Horde they revel in it. What is the Way of the Horde? Quite simply that any female who is of age is free to be...

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