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Magic Cock Ring

by AnonySD on Feb 5, 2017
Mind Control

(Welcome to my second ever story, inspired by Swallows999! I thank them for letting me play around with their concept. If you're curious about where my inspiration comes from, check out their story Humans and Homesteads, under the "The Cock Ring of... Magic Glory Holes?" chapters. I welcome and even encourage anyone and everyone to submit chapters,...

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Mom and Sis

by slitlicker69 on Jun 18, 2018

BILLY'S STORY One day, shortly after I turned eighteen, I came home from school and found a comic book on my bed. Which was strange 'cause I stopped reading comics when I was in Jr. high. Except this wasn't any regular comic book. No Mickey Mouse this. I was totally shocked when I picked it up to take a closer look at it. It was an illustrated adult story....

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When They're Gone

by 8inchesandcounting on Aug 6, 2019

It was four months ago when the last of the explosions rocked my family's small shelter. The dust had hardly settled before it was all over. Our family had just made it into the shelter in time to avoid the nuclear blasts, almost burning at our backs as we hurried through the airlock and into the underground home. Unfortunately, my father was working overtim...

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Girlfriend Gets My Sister Pregnant

by FireCrotchWriter on Sep 14, 2017

Let me tell you about how I got to make my own sister Julia pregnant, with my girlfriends encouragement and help. But first I have to tell the life story of my lovely girlfriend Jenny. Jenny and I got together with simply because I found out that she's the result of incest. Don't get me wrong, she's drop dead gorgeous and a wonderful friend. But if I hadn't...

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Mommy's Nymphomania Ch. 05

by trdferg on Sep 9, 2019

For new readers (if you happened to aimlessly click on this story): Try chapter 1. I believe you'll be able to tell pretty quickly whether this story concept is for you. There's more substance in chapters 2-4, but the main thing I value in erotica is for the story to be...raunchy. For existing fans: Thank you for sticking with me. I'd be remiss if I didn't...

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"Mom-Son": A Love Story

by silkstockingslover on Sep 25, 2017

Summary: A mom inadvertently falls in love with her son. Note: This is a NUDE DAY 2014 contest story so please vote. Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991, Robert and goamz86 for editing. "Mom-Son": A Love Story It was a couple of days after my son's eighteenth birthday when I realized I wanted to have sex with him. I know...I is completely wrong, sick an...

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Why Is Incest So Hot?

by dirtyjoe69 on Sep 16, 2017
Reviews & Essays

I have been reading stories on Literotica for sometime now and been writing on here since July and one question has been burning through my mind, why is incest the number one category on this site? What makes the subject matter so enticing to the readers that it overwhelms the majority of the other stories, some by an amazing three to one margin? Do you peo...

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My Mom

by gautammf on Sep 15, 2017

I am Gautam, 18. My mom Rekha is 41. What I am going to narrate below happened 2 years ago. I am the only child of my parents . My father died of an accident in June 1999. My parents used to have a very active sex life. I used to enjoy their lovemaking since I was 11. They made love almost daily. Mom used to give dad a tremendous blowjob. I used to wank of...

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A New Meaning to Mother Son Bonding Ch. 03

by tastycandy on Sep 19, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

While Jason was getting ready as his mom she was doing the same in his body. She had figured it would be fast and easy, take off the t-shirt and boxers hop in the shower then get dressed. Well that's not exactly what happened. She did get undressed and hop in the shower, but while washing she got curious. She just couldn't help herself from playing with her...

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by MAX.WRITER on Sep 26, 2017

I once woke in the morning and laying down on my bed i thought that life is so boring. Until then something happened that changed my life. I dreamt about my sexy mom that she laying on the sofa and calling my name. She said, "lancer would you like to give me a massage?" I replied, "Sure." When I left my room, I came to find her and I was...

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