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Story Tags

by Literotica on Sep 18, 2017
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You've written your story, edited it within an inch of its life, and are all ready to show it to the world. You open a submission page and – what's this? Story Tags? What the bleep is a Story Tag? The larger any archive grows, the more important organization becomes. Separating stories into our current categories helps connect readers with stories they'll e...

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Chyoo Challenges

by 13Zeroes on Sep 26, 2017

Okay, so either: A) You want to read a particular kind of story, but chyoo doesn't have it and you have no confidence as a writer, or... B) You are a writer suffering from a block and need an idea to help get yourself out of your funk? Here's where you can make suggestions for an idea for others to write, or browse for the kinds of ideas you can get behind w...

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Poll Results

by RicoLouis on May 3, 2017

This will be the results page for any current and past polls I am running so I can keep the results in one central place for everyone to see. [Category] [Percentage] Teen 98% Incest 94% Science Fiction 94% Fantasy 94% Fan Fiction 90% Fetish 90% Romance 86% Erotic Coupling 86% Group Sex 86% Mind Control 82% Non Consent...

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A New Meaning to Mother Son Bonding Ch. 03

by tastycandy on Sep 19, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

While Jason was getting ready as his mom she was doing the same in his body. She had figured it would be fast and easy, take off the t-shirt and boxers hop in the shower then get dressed. Well that's not exactly what happened. She did get undressed and hop in the shower, but while washing she got curious. She just couldn't help herself from playing with her...

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Let's Share Fantasies

by freaky_thoughts on Sep 16, 2017
Reviews & Essays

As a frequent reader of a varied genre of erotica on this site, I am attempting to contribute to the vast collection that is sure to leave readers aroused and wanting more. As a novice writer, I am pondering the best ways to achieve this goal without repeating the same story lines. Although I have numerous ideas for submissions, offering a new and interestin...

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My Sexuality Ch. 03

by TheOriginalAnonymous on Sep 16, 2017
Reviews & Essays

I want to share her with other men. Those men will need to be black. That can be... misinterpreted? Offensive, even? And it can also seem rather selfish; if it's something that I am doing for her as much as for me then how can I make a demand of her like that? First I'll discuss the black thing. I explained that I think I fall closer to the straight spectru...

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How To Break the Literotica Toplist

by Tink4Fairy on Sep 11, 2017
How To

Have you ever wondered why some authors seem more popular than others? Why do some stories get so many views and votes, while others languish without the hope of a little red "H"? Why does it seem easier to get into the toplists in some categories but impossible in others? Is there some secret formula for writing a popular story? Yes, actually, there is—at...

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On Incest

by Lunarian on Sep 13, 2017
Reviews & Essays

Many thanks to Lady Christabel for her assistance in editing this essay. * * * The recent news story about a pair of British twins separated at birth who met, fell in love, and married while unaware of their relationship highlights a phenomenon that has been often written about on Literotica, but it is seldom discussed in the mainstream press, ordinary soc...

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Women of Color

by Loeman on Sep 26, 2017

A collection of tales where various non-white (or mixed race) women are cruelly used, with a focus on raceplay as a part of the backdrop of their degradation. RACIALLY CHARGED CONCEPTS AND LANGUAGE WILL BE USED. Non-consent, incest, and more dark stuff will almost certainly be present. Enjoy. AUTHOR'S NOTES These stories, like any stories I write, are purel...

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Like Mother, Like Daughter Ch. 01

by TheOriginalAnonymous on Sep 15, 2017

WARNING: I'm bent for black; that means that I'm straight except when it comes to black men. I guess with the limited terms available to us you could say that I'm bisexual. I don't reject the label because I'm ashamed, I just don't think "bisexual" does a very accurate job of telling the story. I a, turned on by all types of women; the only find black men at...

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