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Alice is Arrested and Goes to Jail

by sissymaidallyson on Sep 14, 2017

Alice was a straight A student and was a total goody two shoes. She wasn't ugly but she certainly wasn't cheerleader material but was generally liked and respected by her peers and teachers at her high school. She lived in a relatively small town on the outskirts of Jackson Mississippi and was a happy child. She wanted to experience everything life had to of...

21st Century Slave Ch. 01

by Ciceri on Sep 11, 2017

Three years ago I was to join my wife, Mari for a week on her business trip to Yemen. She owns an antique store here in Portland and often travels in order to procure items of antiquity from afar. My work prevents me from being gone for weeks at a time but I agreed to fly to Yemen once Mari was done visiting Turkey. After several transfers and many hours i...

Bitch Cop Traffic Stop

by dannythebaltimoron on Sep 17, 2017

I Fought The Law, and We Both Won...Sort Of... (c)2012 Daniel deLaire It's about 8:30 on a Thursday morning, and I am driving along the back roads, away from the highway with the others making their way to wherever it is they're off to. Most of them are headed to work. I am not. I work long, hard nights at the Kwik Mart near my house so my day, thankfully,...

A Family Coerced Together

by Gulliver on Sep 16, 2017
Loving Wives

This is the beginning of what I anticipate will be a long series. This first chapter is just a teaser. Please feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions you may have with regard to activities etc you would like to see in future episodes. Don Bunt's hands shook as he once again read the memo he had received from his boss, Bill Trigg, a few minutes earlier....

The First Encounter

by techsan on Sep 13, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Authors' Note: The following is a narrative of a purely fictitious encounter ... we think. The authors have used their user ID's for the Literotica site but there is no proof that the events of this narrative actually occurred ... or not. Use your imagination, dear reader, and decide for yourself what's real. Techsan: We had met online at an adult website...

Balls and Penis Jail

by diana_phlp on Sep 17, 2017

Author's Notes: This is the first time I am publishing a story. It is a fully imaginary story and all characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities are 18 years old or older. As a reader, you also should be 18 or more and if you are not hard or wet after reading this story, something may be wrong. ******************************** Balls and P...

The Happiest Anniversary

by dannythebaltimoron on Aug 31, 2017

It's 7:30 on Friday night, in one of the last of the Golden Days of the 1990's, and I'm sitting at an upscale lounge. The lounge is in a shopping center that I hate going to. Just ten years ago, the whole area was a field that my friends and me used to play in, and there wasn't much in the area. Today, it is an over-glamorized bastion of overpriced plastic m...

Red Lights cams Runner

by Alluring_Crimson_Shifter on Sep 16, 2017

Richard was tired of getting the red light s cams tickets in the mail. This was costing him and there is no practical way to fight them. It is like the fleecing of lambs. The local government just helps themselves to your budget. When something like the highway system becomes so used and popular, it starts to get eroded by every scam artist, every politician...

The Fallen Elitist

by dannythebaltimoron on Mar 21, 2018

The Fallen Elitist Or It Never Happened © 2018 Daniel de Laire It had been a long day already. She was a 33-year-old urban professional; what they called a "yuppie" in her parent's generation. The daughter of blue collar parents who wanted a white collar for their little girl. But she wore a black collar under her frilly white one and it, like her, belon...

A Lesson Learned

by Autarchic4Ever on Sep 13, 2017

Kelly Hart had driven the long stretch of rural highway many times. The road stretched between two small towns; the one to which she had recently moved and the one she was coming from that night. Her friend from high school lived in the other town. The two girls had been bar hopping, singing karaoke and in general having a wonderful time. Now it was a little...