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Infinite Scroll

Japan Guide Ch. 02

by king_wesley on Sep 14, 2017
Mind Control

THE INTERVIEW Arriving at the MKDN buildings up close was a daunting sight to behold; they just seemed to overpower everything around them. Mary could only stare in awe as the Limo drove into the main gate. It pulled up to the main reception building at which point the driver instructed her to make her way inside and ask for Takahashi-san. Nervously Mary e...

Japan Guide Ch. 01

by king_wesley on Sep 14, 2017
Mind Control

*Mary has just moved to Japan for her JYA year and it's not long before she receives an offer she can't refuse. I hope you all enjoy and any feedback you may have is more than welcome. Cheers. King Wesley* A DREAM COME TRUE Mary had always dreamed of this day. Ever since she saw her first anime film aged just nine she knew she wanted to be in Japan; and n...

Nagisa Michio of Tokyo

by Samuelx on Oct 3, 2018
Interracial Love

Sitting at his desk on the seventh floor of the G4S Secure Solutions headquarters in the City of Tokyo, Japan, Dwayne Lucien looked at the nighttime skyline of Tokyo, and smiled. What's a humble brother from Fayetteville, Georgia, doing around these parts? Dwayne privately wondered. The Capital of Japan, while superficially similar to many other world-class...

Choto Temple Ch. 01

by songwriter503 on Sep 16, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Your feedback is most welcome. ***** My name's Dan Zander. I've been working as a journalist since I graduated from college. For a long time I covered local news for local newspapers, basically hopping from one sinking ship to the next. Fifteen years ago I got a break, and for a while now I've been in the jet set, working for Rolling Stone. Traveling a...

Fish and Chip

by Discord69 on Sep 16, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The following story is a work of fiction that takes place in an alternate time line to our own. The time line diverges from ours during world war two. Tensions remained high between the US and Japan. The US never dropped atomic bombs to force a submission. Only a cease fire was ever established. Japan remained a world power, and grew enormously wealthy. Thro...

Galaxy Club Adventures in Japan Ch. 01

by owenp1260 on Aug 21, 2018

Chapter 1: Off to a Rocky Start Japan fascinated me before I ever went there ten years ago. And not because of the strong attraction I've long had for Asian women - I love their black hair, seductively-sculptured eyes, skin just the right color, not too dark and not too light. I'm turned on by their slender, graceful bodies, their perky, delicate breasts....

The Japanese Tattoo

by Regina1956 on Sep 13, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Darcie had been widowed six months now after the staggering loss of her husband to suicide. He didn't even leave a note. The fact that he left her alone in the world was bad enough but not even an explanation was almost to much to bear. She was a young woman, all of 30, with a future ahead of her and this is how she must play the hand she was dealt. Darcie...

When In Japan

by Dice_Casden on Sep 13, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

This story is written by both Dice Casden and Kristi as part of the D&K Universe Note: Hiroko's speaking style is intentional! ****** In the early weeks of January 2005, following a successful WWE Tag Team title defense at a special live event in Tokyo, Japan, Rob Van Dam, dressed in a red and white wrestling attire, and Rey Mysterio, wearing white wrest...

Ryu Murakami's "In the Miso Soup"

by Decayed Angel on Sep 16, 2017
Reviews & Essays

Ryu Murakami's first novel, Almost Transparent Blue, won the coveted Akutagawa Prize in 1976, for his semi-autobiographical story of teenage experimentation with sex and drugs near a US Military Base in Japan. He continues his exploration of the decadent, dark side of Japanese society in Coin Locker Babies (2002) and in his most recently translated book In t...

Miss Hessen 2014 landet im Bordell der Yakuza

by Katharina Rodin on Dec 25, 2020

Der Anfang Hallo mein Name ist Katharina… und ich bin mit gerade 18 Jahren in einem Japanischen Bordell der Yakuza gelandet . Alles fing damit an das ich mich in etwas reingesteigert habe was ich mittlerweile bitterböse bereue. Ich war hübsch ja und viele sagte das ich sogar bildhübsch sei und so war es natürlich für mich Normal das meine sehr konservativen...

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