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My Slutty Step-sister Ch. 02

by Pip80 on Jun 12, 2019

It had been just over three weeks since my step-sister Jenna arrived home for summer vacation, and we hadn't stopped fucking since. The only time we managed to keep our hands off of each other was when we were eating or sleeping. Not only did we fuck all the time, but we fucked everywhere in the house; my room, her room, the kitchen, the living room, even ou...

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Shady Ship Ch. 08

by ChinkyNobody on Oct 8, 2019
Erotic Horror

Author's note-Here's another chapter of Shady Ship. This chapter contains lesbian sex. If you love Shady Ship, make sure you leave a comment, tell me what you liked and give me some appreciated feedback. All characters in this story are at least eighteen years old. ***** "Jenna, wake up." Irene said, waking Jenna while shaking her with the hand not hold...

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Shady Ship Ch. 12

by ChinkyNobody on Oct 7, 2019
Erotic Horror

Author’s note-I can honestly say I’m pissed Stacie’s fate was what it was. She was the sweetest girl ever. This story is literally the saddest story I ever wrote for Literotica. And I didn’t want Devon to make the Black Person Dies First thing a reality for this story, but that’s how it went. Everyone else had more importance to the plot than Devon did. He...

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The Healing Game

by demon160 on May 7, 2019

Authors Note: This story is set in Australia and involves sportspeople who play cricket. The reader does not have to know about the game of cricket to follow the story. It just happens to be the sport in Australia at present where both male and female professionals can earn a full time living. Thank you very much to eclecticwoman818 for her editing and con...

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Hot Wife Initiation Ch. 03

by wifelvrman on Sep 13, 2017
Loving Wives

The next week Jenna was ordered by the ladies to go to the porn shop and stand around and make eye contact with the men who were there. Jenna did the best she could. She was dressed in a short white skirt that was semi transparent. Her top was a pink tube top that covered her breasts. No other clothing was allowed. She had been told that after making eye c...

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My Best friend's Mom

by JMiller69 on Sep 25, 2017

I had always considered Jimmy Bradford to be the luckiest guy in the world. Jimmy had a cool mom who was always friendly and went out her way to make anyone feel special no matter what. However that wasn't the main reason I considered my best friend to be lucky. It was the fact that he had a hot and sexy mom. Ever since I can remember I had always had a cru...

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Robby Ch. 03

by Joe J on Sep 16, 2017

Part Three - Valentine's Day Laura Miller glanced at her watch for the millionth time; Jesus, time was standing still. It was Friday afternoon, February 13th, and she had an hour left before she could leave work for the day. Laura was not normally so antsy to depart; she had not become the youngest branch manager at the bank by being slothful. Tonight, howe...

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Jenna's Threeway

by Bigdenverman on Sep 1, 2017
Group Sex

Jenna was trying to study for her Advanced Economics final exam. She sat at her desk with her textbook and notes all laid out in front of her. Her favorite music was playing in the background. A full glass of iced tea sat at the corner of her desk, waiting to be sipped. Jenna's mind was elsewhere. She nervously tapped her pencil and stared off into space. Wa...

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Breaking Monica Ch. 01

by subslutjenna on Sep 12, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Another work of fiction and fantasy. All similarities to anyone throughout history are pure coincidence. As always, we are all adults here. ***** The Bank and Trust. A small town place where small town people did small town banking business. Things moved a bit slower than the big city. Same people every day. Same business every week. Same old same ol...

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UCLA to Big D Ch. 04

by FifthEstate on Apr 17, 2018
Group Sex

This story is posted on the Literotica website and the author does not give permission for it to be reposted or reprinted anywhere else without consent. There are 18 chapters to this saga and I strongly encourage you to read them continuously (at least the first time around). I think you will find it fun and funny at times, but don't be misled; this is not a...

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