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Anal Training Ch. 01

by Catchandrea2397 on Jan 20, 2020
Transgender & Crossdressers

This is the first in a series of sissy JOI training instructions. I want to provide real instructions that can be followed and enjoyed by anyone (well by any submissive sissy wanabee). Please only read this however if you are over 18. Feedback is welcome *** Day 1: Hello pet. Are you ready to have some fun? Are you ready to begin your training? Get...

Traveling Under Mistress' Eye Ch. 01

by tiez on Sep 15, 2017

The following is based very loosely upon some true events. There will likely be more if I can find time to write it and if people find it interesting. (please vote!) * * * We had pulled in early in the morning and I slept late into the morning. After waking up, I headed to the computer downstairs to check my email. Sure enough, an email from Mistress was w...

Taming the Dom

by Ben Rosewood on May 31, 2019

This story has been created with Game Mode in mind. For the best experience, please turn Game Mode on. Your best friend Eddie had said it was urgent. Upon receiving his text, you head to your normal meeting place, Godzilla's Pizza Dojo. The place is covered in framed monster-movie posters and arcade machines that Eddie has topped the high scoreboards on. You...

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The Girl of his Dreams

by Ivnlb on Oct 3, 2020

It was Thursday night, and in just one more day Eric would see the custom video he'd ordered.. He'd been trying to distract himself with a movie, but realized he hadn't watched the last ten minutes. He closed his blinds and pulled up an old Remi video for the third time that night. Remi was a slender girl with long dark hair. She sat in a soft red armchair,...

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Blue Plate Special

by Compliant1 on Sep 13, 2017

White male, 30, blonde, 5'8" 140 lbs. Seeking woman my age or older for JOI. I would be very grateful. I became addicted to Internet porn when my marriage ended, but when I discovered JOI, an acronym for jerk off instructions, I knew that I had to have more than the free clips I'd been watching. I wasn't interested enough to pay for longer videos, but I fig...

A Surprise Diversion Ch. 01

by kinky_switch99 on Mar 17, 2020

There I was, tied to the bed spread eagle. My legs were tied apart to the poles of the bed with soft and thick ropes. I was blindfolded, leaving me in a world that I could conjure up. My imagination was set free so that it could run wild. My right hand was tied to the post of the bed while my non dominant hand was set free so that I could relieve my pent up...

Keeping Him Ready

by ValensGirl on Sep 19, 2017

You like the idea of a man aroused and kept on the plane of sexual excitement for some time. Perhaps you'll let him come after you've had your fun; perhaps you won't. Release is nice, and it's fun to see him completely lose it when he orgasms. On the other hand, you could just make him go away hard, and he'd have to deal with the unwanted erection until it w...

Sex therapist

by qaz on Sep 1, 2016

Who do we follow?What's next? A boy A girl What's next? A boy A girl...

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My Oblivious Mother

by P. Co. on Apr 13, 2016

If you enjoy the story and would like to be a part of the creative process, join us on Discord. There, we also discuss the Twine game inspired by this CHYOA story. It is free to download from MEGA (updated January 1st, 2020), free to play online on itch, and you can get nice perks via Patreon or SubscribeStar. Arc I Escapades It's Sunday morning, first day o...

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Honesty Works

by bdsm669 on Sep 14, 2017

We were married about three years when sex had pretty much stopped. We tried about everything you could do in a bedroom and just kinda lost the spark. My love for her was very strong but my desire to love myself put me through a mental trip. Sex is fun; an orgasm is something we can do at anytime and feel good, forget the world and just live for few seconds....