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Infinite Scroll

Pausing Anyone, Anywhere

by gendo3991 on Nov 18, 2017
Fan Fiction

You receive a magical galaxy mobile from what may be a sorcerer maybe a god. It gives you the ability to pause time within a confined space or over the entire planet. To teleport to a location the time distortion is taking place in and manipulate paused individuals. Head my warning, however, anybody not in the space manipulated by your galaxy can see and hea...

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Futanari Domination World

by nigri on May 21, 2017

This society was rather different from the one you may be familiar with. Three common genders roamed the lands of man, but no longer did men rule, not even close. Just as before, there was males, and there were females, equal portions of the population shared between them, with roughly another third for the futanari, female bodies with male penises. While o...

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The Legend of Teen Monster Cock

by nigri on May 20, 2017

((Note* When first introducing a female in a scene, her link should be clickable with an image reference)) Xander Sowalski walked into the in the empty waiting room. It was quiet as ever. He came to stand before the receptionist who was face-deep in her phone. He was tall, a mountain of a young man at 6'1" and he was unfairly handsome. Xander was handso...

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A Series of Unwhoretunate Events

by nigri on May 26, 2015
Humor & Satire

Natalie Murphy was a rather reserved young woman. 21 years old, a shapely feminine jawline, plump lips, and sexy dark eyes, but given that she wore conservative clothing, little to no makeup, her hair in a ponytail, and had spent her high school and college years largely in the library, it meant that her social skills were a little lacking, and her romantic...

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Paizuri Princess

by Volente on Dec 3, 2019
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

The convention ran from Friday to Sunday; so by the time the sun was setting on Saturday, everyone was getting in the mood to party. Not that you could easily tell the sun was going down from inside the sprawling convention centre/hotel complex, a comfortably dull cluster of beige rectangles that did little to encourage guests to go outside. Which was kind o...

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Seduced on the Road Ch. 02

by Juliewife on Sep 13, 2017
Loving Wives

Jessica felt pretty guilty by the time she got home to Kevin. Having a good time with Gordon while in Anaheim was one thing, living with her infidelity back home to her loving and loved husband was another. At 37 years of age, Jessica was still slim, although her weight was ten pounds more than it had been when she got married 15 years before. Three childre...

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Lisa Ch. 09a

by JadenL on Sep 26, 2017
Group Sex

Terror gripped Jessica. "Funky chicken no sauce." Jessica said urgently into her phone. She repeated it a few times before shoving her phone back in her pocket and pulling her gun from her purse. "Get in the car and run Jessica." Mark ordered, "Go!" "You too. Get in the car." Jessica said, "We can both go... Mark!" she screamed not seeing the man with th...

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Jessica's Life Ch. 04

by DragonScar on May 12, 2020

Jessica's Life: Chapter 4 -- Getting Back To Normal "Hi!" Nurse Suzie's angelic voice breaks the silence, she smiles pleased with Jessica's reaction, Jessica is stunned. Suzie is dressed in a tight red dress. Jessica's first thought is Jessica Rabbit. The dress stops around her breasts like a halter top, no straps, and the skirt stops a few inches below he...

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A Fortnight In Paradise Ch. 11

by Fizzyguy10 on Nov 18, 2019
Erotic Couplings

Bahamas, Day 10 - Monday I woke up the next morning with Jessica still snuggled into me, sound asleep in the patio chair. We both slept under the stars that night, same as we did the night before. I tried to move without waking Jessica up, but was unsuccessful, as she opened her eyes as soon as I moved my shoulder from behind her head. "Good morning, love,...

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Lisa Ch. 06: Changes

by JadenL on Sep 26, 2017

continued ... "We're leaving?" Jessica asked in disbelief. "But how?" "We'll have to sneak out the back." Jim was saying as Josh came to look out the window with him. "One of us will have to go out the front, get the car. Pick the rest of us up down the road." "But they won't let us go." Jessica said, hysteria mounting. "They'll find us!" "We can hide pr...

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