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Karen Gillan - Love in an Elevator

by 123z on Apr 4, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Note- This is a work of pure fiction and any resemblance to those living or dead is purely coincidental. xxx The very tall man hurried into the lobby and looked around quickly at the bank of elevators to his left. He just managed to hold open the twin doors of the elevator before they closed and breathed a sigh of relief as he pressed the number fifteen o...

A boy at a girls school

by ameencassim on Feb 18, 2020

The cab makes its way through a large gate and makes its way down the long road leading to Phatsaque High School. A special school, that is. A boarding school where a deadly disease has spread through its many halls. A disease that is only deadly to men, leaving all of the women of the school untouched. The disease is horrifyingly gruesome in what it can do...

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Karen Gillan Gets Serviced

by 123z on Jul 3, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Note- More hypothetical goings on that have no basis in the truth whatsoever. xxx Karen Gillan particularly loved morning sex after a good night out. Was there anything better than to be awoken by a man's erection poking up at your butt crack from behind as you open your eyes, followed by your legs. Karen considered herself extra lucky this fine morning a...

On the set of Supergirl

by tgirl_Mary on Sep 12, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Melissa Benoist was finished in hair and makeup and wardrobe. She strode out onto the set as her alter ego, Supergirl. Katie McGrath was already on set waiting, dressed as Lena Luthor, the would be friend or villain. The scene was going to be shot in the office of Lena Luthor which was actually a leased office space in the Hyatt hotel in downtown Vancouver....

Celebrity Revenge

by blaz-zay on Jan 18, 2016
Fan Fiction

John flicked through the channels of on the television. Every time he saw a female celebrity he would grumble under his voice. He had an irrational hatred of them all. He wished he could make them all pay for thinking they were too good for him. After several hours of shouting obscenities at the screen he decided to go to bed. That night, as he slept, he saw...

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“A Nightmare on Elm Street invades Hollywood, Freddy Krueger’s Sexual Nightmare’s of female celebrities!”

by ACE THE GOON on Feb 18, 2021
Fan Fiction

Freddy was real there was never no movie, He was restless he hated that he had thought that revenge would feel better once he did so, but it did little to ease his wicked mind, however the dream demons had told him that the Elm Street sign was going to be planted in Hollywood, and that he could invaded the dreams of any eighteen year old and older celebrity...

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The Wicked Hotel

by vinaren on Jul 7, 2020

John Wick was a nerd. Well, maybe that word was too harsh, but he did spend more than 10 hours per day watching TV. When he failed the university exam, his father was angry and kicked him out of the house. He had to live in a poor apartment, trying to find a job, but no company accepted his application. On his 19th birthday, he didn't have enough money to ha...

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Image Inspiration Chapters

by wicker on Oct 4, 2020

. continueWhat's next? MaryLu Sommers Karen Next image Cartoon and Drawings Thread Finding mom Next Image What's next? MaryLu Sommers Karen Next image Cartoon and Drawings Thread Finding mom Next Image...

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The Celebrity Farm

by Idris on Apr 10, 2021

At 47 years of age and the only thing to show for it was an old, unsuccessful farm left for him by his father Henry Williams led a sad, pathetic life. The only thing bringing him happiness is drinking lager, buying lottery tickets daily and watching TV. He got angry everytime a successful celebrity came onto the screen, as Henry was an extremely sexist indiv...

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Doctor Who: Adventures in Sex and Time

by Openmind on Mar 18, 2020
Fan Fiction

I do not own the copywrite of any of the characters featured in these stories. The rights to these character belong to their respective owners. This is simply a product of Fan Fiction, take it as such. I will also feature fake nudes/fan art, I have not made these but I do not know the original artists (unless it's said in the picture itself.) I am not trying...

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