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Kat Dennings' Sex Therapy

by daxg2001 on Sep 18, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. Fea...

The Collector

by CelebrityHypnotizer755 on Jun 5, 2020
Mind Control

I have always loved celebrities. Although, who doesn't am I right? Models, actresses, singers, doesn't matter who. All that matters is their bodies. Elegant sexy bodies like that should be naked and on display, right? I'm what you might call a 'collector of goods', so to speak. The goods I collect are sexy women. It took years to develop the formula for my s...

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Coach Dennings leads the team to victory

by The Smutsketeer on Oct 6, 2019
Group Sex

The entire field was quiet. As Scott Wilkins stood across from the Whirlwinds' goalie, the crowd was shouting and roaring. This was it. The penalty shoot-out was in full swing. If he scored now, Wilkins would win the match for the Corsairs, and with it the entire competition. On the side of the pitch, among the players that weren't partaking in the shoot-out...

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Hotel Neighbors

by Robertdoc on Sep 18, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

New York, New York I'd been to New York on business a bunch of times before. It didn't take quite as much effort to book a hotel room, though. But after some haggling, I was able to book one of the last rooms available at the Hilton for the weekend. It would be for two nights and cost me hundreds of bucks, but such was the cost of business. I resigned myse...

The Escort

by extreme1000 on Dec 14, 2015
Fan Fiction

The Escort Jose Pena had spent almost a year working in a male strip club. Shortly after his 19th birthday, he, after a teacher he was sleeping with suggested it, decided to try his hand at stripping. He found a male strip club for women and quickly got a job there. Almost instantly he became the most popular dancer there. It helped that the young Mexican-Am...

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Jackie's Initiation

by TromeoQue on Sep 17, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Jackie Emerson was at some Hollywood party, a premiere for some movie she had nothing to do with, but she was specially invited by the movie's star, Rachel Weisz, who she'd never even met before. Still, though, gift horse. At one point in the evening, she entered the powder room. Inside, she found Kat Dennings and Emma Watson having a conversation about...so...

My Adventures in Hollywood Ch. 02

by TromeoQue on Sep 15, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

The morning after me and Ms. Caplan's drunken fling, she told me I should meet with her partner. So, I came out to LA, took a cab, and arrived at her front door, at the time that was scheduled. Or, well, one of them. On ringing the bell, I heard a voice from inside, "Fuck! Hang on!" A minute or so later, the door was opened by Kat Dennings, wearing a long t...

Celebrity Revenge

by blaz-zay on Jan 18, 2016
Fan Fiction

John flicked through the channels of on the television. Every time he saw a female celebrity he would grumble under his voice. He had an irrational hatred of them all. He wished he could make them all pay for thinking they were too good for him. After several hours of shouting obscenities at the screen he decided to go to bed. That night, as he slept, he saw...

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Superbabe vs Sharon Osbourne

by DickThePimp on Jul 11, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

THIS IS FICTION...THIS IS A PARODY...IT IS NOT REAL THIS IS MY SECOND SUPERBABE STORY...KIM KARDASHIAN PLAYS SUPERBABE...FAT BASTARD IS NOW HER SIDEKICK...ENJOY. ***** My name is Commissioner Dick and I'm once again here to tell you about, the kinky tales of Superbabe. This time, our superhero, is out to stop the evil Sharon Osbourne, from taking over the...

The Agency Ch. 21 (Retreat Pt. 02)

by tnhardon on Sep 25, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

The Retreat was part work and part vacation. For a few hours every day, all of the associates gathered in the auditorium to listen to a lecture that was supposed to benefit our work. The lectures ranged from, "Edging- The Power of Orgasm Control" to "Multitasking- The Art of Satisfying Multiple Partners" to "Massaging Egos- How to Fondle a Celebrities Most I...