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My Intro To CBT

by slutboynz on Sep 17, 2017

Well, cbt or cock and ball torture has certainly developed as my favourite form of torture. My introduction to it came almost by accident though. In my teens I was kicked in the nuts once by a girl I was getting too frisky with, too soon. Anyway, she gave me a half hearted kick in the balls. Instead of me keeling over in agony as I'd expected, I rather like...

Futanari Ballbusting: Reluctant

by RichardPercival on Sep 17, 2017

Sometimes, you just don't want to kick someone in the balls, you know what I mean? Don't get me wrong, I love a round of testicle bashing fun, and I've built up quite the reputation of a ballbuster at my school. From grade school to middle school to my current, senior year, I've kicked a ton of futas in the nuts! But it wasn't just Futanaris that were death...

Kicked in the Balls

by slave of the woman on Sep 15, 2017

The more I think about her, the more aroused I get. I will never forget that hot brunette named Natalie. She was in the same grade as me in high school, and had an unbelievable body that I stared at constantly. The school uniforms the girls wore in my high school were somewhat erotic - white sweaters, short khaki skirts that showed off their legs. And Nata...

How I Met My Mistress Mia

by KingofthaHeel on Jun 11, 2019

Maybe my shoe fetish Is extreme... Was I should say. I used to tour though the women's section just to see what was out, wishing I wasn't single, sometimes even purchasing a pair to place in a private collection I kept on display at home. I was simply minding my own "perverted" business when I happened upon Mia. She was gorgeous. Dirty blonde. Curvaceous....

Busting at Work, a Parking Space

by JJA122 on Sep 21, 2020

Notice: readers and characters are 18+, This is a fictional story and is a BDSM story, Emphasis on the S. It will include fetishes such as Femdom, CBT, CFNM, humiliation. It is a ballbusting story foremost, where our guy gets hit in the testicles. If that doesn't sound like your thing, maybe hit the back arrow on your browser. ****** I started work at a ne...

The Special Pt. 02

by dandanger on Jan 22, 2020

I was heading to the shops to get some bread, milk and cereal, trying not to run my hands over the six raised stripes on my backside. I had been doing this obsessively for the two days after my caning from Fleur in a horny daze, still trying to come down from what had happened. My ass was sore and bruised but memories of the acute agony had faded faster and...

One Long Dream Ch. 12

by S1lverF0x on Sep 18, 2017

This is quite a change but trust me we will get back to the usual form very shortly. Adam's just preparing a new addition, but it comes with strings attached --------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 12 Homework "Oh fuck, Guy, what have we done," Liz asked her husband as she pulled her t-shirt over her head without hesitation. "Y...

Ex-Marine Hubby Ch. 02

by Ashesh9 on Sep 17, 2017

I dropped the belt & quietly asked "McCarthy, where did you learn to be such a docile Slutboy for your Mistress?" The ex-Marine Chief Cop's defeated shoulders drooped even more: he knew his shameful, submissive secret would have to be shared with his female boss!? "Mistress N'gyuen van Duc, I was a Marine Captain in Vietnam in the early '70-s. I was leadin...

Ballbusting scenarios

by NeedMoreBallbusting on Jul 27, 2020

This will be a place for all my stories where you can pick and choose which ones you like. All the stories will have ballbusting in them. Will be trying to add new chapters often. Also if you are going to add a new section to the story or a story branch don’t stop after one but continue to put more and finish. What's next? Roshambo Home invasion Ballbustin...

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Now I Can Ch. 03

by hylyfe on Sep 12, 2017

After a lottery win our subject is able to indulge his wildest fantasies; after a spunk filled panty fest he moved on to the bdsm scene. We catch up with him half way through a session. There is some scat play here so don't continue if this offends you. I must have dozed for a while because I was woken by a sharp kick to the backside from Amora. "Slave, you...