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Infinite Scroll

Kushina's Transformation

by stitches034 on Mar 19, 2017

After the birth of Naruto which took Kushina 10 months to give birth to. Misfortune began to follow from the release of the Kyuubi all the way to the death of her husband. It seemed that Misfortune was bound to follow her..... Unbeknownst to her a mysterious transformation was about to take place.What's next? None yet kidnapped by Obito The Kyuubi makes som...

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Take my wife

by gordolex on Sep 20, 2017

James has a beautiful wife Kathy. They are married for 5 years. His wife is at late twenties. She is beautiful with sizable breast and a smooth nice ass. It turned James on seeing his wife with another man. So he looked for someone suitable on the internet. He met Greg. They chatted a while and James trusted Greg enough to fulfill his fantasies.What's next?...

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The twisted DM

by Nobody567 on Nov 21, 2019

Authors notes: please like and comment my stuff I desperately desire your feedback and approval. I am new at this and recently redid the intro hope you like it. A being beyond space and time whose goal is to torture, torment, pleasure and change his players in ways that you cannot begin to fathom for his entertainment and pleasure. He sits at multiple tables...

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The Mistress Ch. 01: Taking Raven

by leanne2k on Dec 10, 2017
Mind Control

Raven was coming out of a groggy sleep. Where was she? She didn't know. She quickly realized that she couldn't move. She was tied to a bed. Her hands and arms to the front posts and her legs to the bottom. She felt something obstructing her mouth. It was a ballgag. She was wearing her cowl, but the rest of her body was naked! Her nipples were in piercing pai...

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by Bullstud108 on Sep 15, 2017

All characters over 18. ***** He gained consciousness. His eyes were covered by a black cloth or something, and he was tied up by the hands and feet vertically against a wall. The room he was in was chilly, and he felt it more than he would have if he was clothed. He realized all he was wearing was some string around his waist with a cloth tied to it. Some...

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The Drifter Ch. 08

by peacekeeper25 on Sep 13, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Three hours later, after driving past huge groves of orange trees, we arrived in Santa Monica and saw a large pier with the sign "Route Sixty-six ends here." I had made it. A warm sense of triumphant came over me for driving the entire historic route from Chicago. I wanted to walk on the boardwalk and enjoy the liveliness, but was afraid Carla and I would be...

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by subzero5433 on Dec 29, 2019

Welcome to punishment! Are you ready to start? Make a character and a punishment, and get torturing!What's next? Emily Deft, Punished by Parasite. Jane smith, A thieving teen punished by herself, an audience and a camera man Karen, kidnapped and locked up What's next? Emily Deft, Punished by Parasite. Jane smith, A thieving teen punished by herself, an a...

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My Old Flame

by Stultus on Sep 16, 2017

Synopsis: My Old Flame... I just can't remember her name! Sex contents: Some Sex Genre: Flash Codes: Humor, Horror, Outrages, Necrophilia, Beheadings & Arson Originally Posted at SOL: 2009-07-19 ****** I suck at doing Flash stories, but here is one last try! I'm badly behind this week so I didn't have time to get this story edit. Hopefully the inevita...

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BOOK 2 - Viktoria Ch. 05

by SofBlack on Oct 7, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

"No. Fucking. Way." Tom slammed his fist on the table, making all the dishes jump. He shoved his chair back and leapt to his feet, bolting from his apartment to the stairs, where he took the flights five steps at a time. Pausing long enough for the wards to scan him, he continued his headlong rush through the lower level to a false wall. Taking a folding k...

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Kidnapped by a Stripper: Pt. 02

by ZTVFemdomtales on Sep 26, 2017

The old van puttering down the road was so common no one who would have seen it that night, if any had been out, would have never guessed anything was wrong. Though they would have thought it strange when it pulled into the parking lot of The Back Room, the old strip club had closed down almost as soon as it opened. No one went there anymore. Well almost no...

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