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Freddie's Find Pt. 04

by JewelTran on Sep 13, 2017

CHAPTER EIGHT When Freddie got off the plane in New York, she was carrying all her worldly possessions in her two suitcases. She felt like she was coming home, and she hoped that she was coming home to stay. King and Alexander had told her that they would meet her at King's motel, so she wasn't expecting anyone to be at the airport waiting for her. When she...

Good King Wenceslas

by Miss Jane on Aug 31, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Good King Wenceslas looked out of the frosted window from atop the tower of his castle. The snow had come early this year and there was no sign it was going to let up anytime soon. Snow drifts nearly 20' high had accumulated around the outer walls of the castle, making the King a virtual prisoner. Usually at this time of year, the King paid visits to his sub...

Bride Rights Pt. 04

by trickysnail on Jun 1, 2020

Clarissa fucking Dupier had a new plan. Become royal mistress. After all, King Alexander had not only let her sleep in his bed, he'd sent her to a whorehouse to get better training. He was clearly invested in fucking her. All she had to do was convince him to be invested in her as a person and she was sure she could win him over and secure a life of luxury f...

Freddie's Find Pt. 02

by JewelTran on Sep 16, 2017

CHAPTER THREE On Monday, Freddie decided that she really wanted to face King on her own terms and get it over with. She dressed in jeans and went in search of the man. She started by knocking on his door. When she didn't get an answer there, she looked in the kitchen, where she had found him the week before. When she didn't find him there, she searched for...

The Virgin & The King

by purditor on Sep 26, 2017

The King sat on the royal throne at the end at the grand marble room. A red carpet led from the throne to the ornate double doors at the entrance, which swung open to reveal a lonely figure stood in the entrance trembling slightly. The door closed shut with an echoing thump, startling the young woman who had just entered. The King watched as her eyes widened...

ROD Adventures Interlude Pt. 02

by Brutal_One on Jul 27, 2020

ROD Adventures - The Birthday Meal A ROD Adventures Short Story Saturday 11th August Westcliff Zen City Chinese Restaurant King had arranged to meet a group of museum friends at a local chinese restaurant. He had travelled by train arranging to meet the rest of the group at 7:30pm. Whilst waiting for the rest of the group to arrive, King was looking at th...

Freddie's Find Pt. 01

by JewelTran on Sep 13, 2017

It was definitely a typical Monday morning! Winifred Sommers just barely managed to catch herself before she sprawled across the New York City pavement. Freddie, as she preferred to be called, had been certain that the door to the "dinner only" restaurant, adjacent to the classy motel, would be locked. She hoped to jiggle the door enough to catch the attent...

The Mage King's Conquest

by Tarash on May 15, 2018

Author's note: This is M/M. *** Prince Cian's heart was racing in his chest as he stood in his father's throne room with only a dozen soldiers. They were the last line of defence against the terrifying forces of the Mage King. His father had ordered him and his brothers to stay here yesterday, before he had gone into battle with the elite troops of the cas...

Power of the King: USA Blonde

by carlosbot on Sep 17, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Nestled between the vast nations of Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf lies the wealth of the Middle East. As the Middle East ran dry of oil and its wealth, this small nation lead by its great leader. King Nasir Al-Ahbad stirred his country's economy to a more sustainable path. Instead of squandering his nation's wealth like so many other Arab leaders. This r...

Secret Sex Society: Santana Ch. 02

by TheSneakFreak on Sep 15, 2017

"Who's pussy is this?" King taunted as he was semi deep in Santana's pussy. Her moans & cries made him hard as his big hand stuffed her head into the pillow. Her back was arched up nicely causing her stomach to touch his bed. Her hair was wild as King pulled her head back. "It's yours daddy! Oo, daddy it's yours." Santana cried. King smirked while picking...