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Infinite Scroll

The Successor

by JohnLocke4 on Jun 4, 2019

The world of Ethosis has entered a very sorry state, the five noble houses that controlled the continent have fallen on severely hard times, namely because the rulers of each have died and now their heirs are all that remain. These successors were not ready to fill the shoes of their late father's, most just barely of age. Worse yet, they also inherited all...

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The kingdom of West Seaxe

by 'Wizard' on May 14, 2019
Erotic Couplings

With the vassals gone and the great viking armies in the east defeated, the king now turned his ambition to wales. A new war had began, and he would swiftly bring down his new enemy. Meanwhile he arranged the weddings of his sons cousins. His two own sons had already been maried to the daughters of his defeated enemies. His oldest son, Edweard, was the heir...

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Domination Quest

by ChooseYourDoom on Jan 20, 2019

The Kingdom of Celibas has always been under siege. Located in the central Chastelands, she faces constant attacks on the purity of her people from all sides, from tribes of Amzonian giantesses, sex-crazed goblins, devious demonic spirits, horrific monsters of all shapes and sizes and much more. But none pose a threat to the kingdom more than the Sorceress S...

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Fairy Tale

by direfox on Jun 15, 2003

Once upon a time, there was a great kingdom that had fallen into great distress. The old king, who had ruled his nation through times of peace and happiness, was on his deathbed. His only child, the eighteen year old princess Sofia, was to succeed him as ruler of their people. However, on the day Sofia was to undergo the crowning ceremony, she was kidnapped...

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The Lion Queen

by Wolverine on Aug 3, 2016
Erotic Couplings

Welcome to my world. A world were knights are bold, kings are greedy, queens are lonely and princesses are lusty. The kingdoms are ruled by humans... and lions. In this world the lions walks on two feet, are wearing clothes (some of the time) are as intelligent as the humans. The females, lionesses, however are smarter than their male counterparts, and while...

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The Witcher

by adam17017 on Mar 19, 2017
Fan Fiction

Geralt of Rivia rode his way through the winding cobblestone streets of Novigrad, a free city within the Kingdom of Redania. Becoming a Witcher meant going through a series of tests, back at the Witcher fortress of Kaer Morhen, which few ever survive. Every single person put through the trials is only a child, so that if they pass the tests, their body is ab...

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Futa Family Takes Kingdom

by warlord7110 on Jun 11, 2019

There was a king by the name of George and he wanted a wife. At the same time he was looking for a perfect match for his sun Justin. Just would be the future king after King George died. King George wanted only the best for Justin, so he sent letters across the whole world looking for a queen for him and a princess for his son. The word travel far and a futa...

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The Four Princes of Fortasia

by Suvinceus on Oct 28, 2015

Welcome to Fortasia, a realm of pure beauty, great heroes, and a thriving economy. Consisting of four different countries, each with their own kingdom, it is not only known for their legendary tales of warriors and relics, but the four kingdoms also possess their own royal families. In this case, each of the four royal families had their own individual sons,...

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Planet of the Babes

by Shendude on Nov 26, 2010
Science Fiction

It is 100,000 years since man first left Earth to settle the stars. In that time, he has filled several galaxies. Finding no other sentient life, man filled the gap himself. Over the millenia, through genetic engineering, specialized breeding, and brute mutation, man has transformed into a variety of forms, some so bizzare as to barely count as human. At the...

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CMNF Worlds

by darklyte31 on Aug 12, 2020
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

You get to write about a world where women are required to be naked at all times but men are allowed to remain clothed. You can approach this story in almost any way you want. Perhaps you want women to be nothing more than slaves to men. Maybe women are at a nearly equal standing with them, but still have to be nude. As for the setting, feel free to get crea...

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