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KINK 101

by qros on Mar 17, 2020

The structure of this story will be a bit eclectic. The KINK department offers several classes, each addressing a different topic, and I'm planning to write up ~1 semester of each class. If you want a specific kink, you can skip to the class for that kink. If you want a narrative structure, you can follow the classes sequentially. There will be reoccurring s...

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Writing FETISH Fiction

by MorganHawke on Sep 1, 2017
How To

-----Original Message----- "Could you do a guide on how to make a decent PWP revolving around Fetishes with things like 'Add detail,' and 'Don't make it choppy?' -- Furry Fan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What makes Fetish fiction unique from any other kind of Erotic fiction? What makes ANY genre of fiction unique from any other? The DETAILS or more specifically, wha...

Nyomi Banxxx Strapons Brian Pumper

by Samuelx on Sep 12, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Nyomi Banxxx smiled to herself as she eased the strap-on dildo inside legendary porn actor Brian Pumper's asshole. The macho Black porno stud groaned as she penetrated his ass with her toy. The tall Black dominatrix berated the wannabe rapper/porn star as she began fucking him. She knew he liked it. For he was the one who approached her for this kind of acti...

How to Kinky and Get More

by Decayed Angel on Dec 12, 2018
How To

You know, I voted for Kinky Friedman, figuring that after the run of governors I've not voted for, we just flat out needed some Kinky in the office. Now I've also heard a few of his songs and read a few of his books, the songs were strange and the books were a bit stranger so once I saw he was running for office, I knew he was the man. Now, now, settle down,...

Three Wishes

by cauchemar80 on Sep 17, 2017

I had to laugh when I rubbed the gravy boat and the genie came out. It only looked like a magic lamp; I didn't really think it was one. Still, plain as day, there stood a shimmering, slightly-see-through female genie, dressed in the classic Arabian getup. Now, I'm not one to believe in ghosts or fairy tales or supreme beings. But somehow my conviction of d...


by gilrenard on Sep 14, 2017

"Wow! You gotta read this, babe! It's hilarious!" Amber called out to her boyfriend, Jason. "Can't, the shootout is about to start," Jason replied as he ran from the kitchen with a cold beer in hand from the refrigerator, back to the couch in Amber's living room. "Stupid hockey," Amber mumbled to herself, and called out to Jason, "Never mind then, sweetie!...

Mistress Shima of Rwanda

by Samuelx on Feb 12, 2019

"Black Kink, there's an App for that," Stevenson Fils-Aime said aloud, stroking his goateed chin. The big and tall, dark-skinned young Haitian man lay in bed, in the basement of his aunt Mabel's townhouse in the City of Orleans, Ontario. With his aunt visiting old friends in the City of Montreal, Quebec, the brother had the place to himself. What's a brother...

Mistress Choukri of Somalia

by Samuelx on Feb 12, 2019
Group Sex

"I like to fuck Muslim men, especially Black Muslim men with my strap-on dildo," said Mistress Choukri, smiling at the camera. In the basement of her townhouse, located in a quiet corner of the Glebe area of Ottawa, Ontario, she felt quite comfortable being interviewed by a certain reporter. Might as well shed some light about what it is I do, Mistress Chouk...

Kink! Ch. 01

by HisSexKitten0908 on Sep 17, 2017

I look out the large window of my office, staring down at the club floor. Half naked men and women mill around, readying themselves for the night. I stare at the half dozen themed rooms, all of them only visible from my office. There is the Prep Room, full of showers, baths, and various other things your slave needs before beginning the night. The Dungeon, f...

Streak of Kink Ch. 1

by GoddessKaren on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

When my husband told me he wanted to watch while I fucked another man I was, quite frankly, shocked. I mean, this was the man I had been married to for 6 years, and he had never shown any inclination toward kink. Yet here we were sitting in our favorite Italian restaurant, whispering over a bottle of Chianti, and he was asking me to put on a live porn show....