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Scarlett, A Pregnant Slut Ch. 01

by Just Plain Bob on Sep 11, 2017
Loving Wives

The Adventures of Scarlett, a Pregnant Slut As told to Just Plain Bob This story came about because the woman whose story it is read my story, "The Pregnant Slut" and sent me an email telling me how much she enjoyed it. I'm reprinting her email here because it is what really led to the story. From: "Feedback" To: "Just Plain Bob" Sent: Monday, September...

Seven Year Itch Ch. 05

by EZ4BLKcock on Sep 15, 2017
Interracial Love

Jerome continued to come over whenever he wanted, after I told him I was knocked up. Whenever he came over it was the same intense fucking, I enjoyed so much. Jerome taught me how to give head, after awhile I was able to deepthroat all twelve inches. I enjoyed it when he came in my mouth, running that salty semen all over my tounge before swollowing. Afte...

A Game Of Pool

by handstogether8 on Sep 16, 2017
Group Sex

I had gone out to dinner with Mike, Bill, and Chris, three of my friends from work. Well sort of. At one time we had all worked together, but eventually all of us had left the company for greener pastures. We still got together occasionally. They were a lot of fun to be with, and I enjoyed their company. After dinner, we wandered around down town for a whil...

The Beautiful Dream

by Radiantcum on Sep 18, 2018

The night was a silver-grey. The moon was full and glowed a deep buttermilk. I was walking down a street somewhere in a dream land. I knew I was dream-walking; I knew I was asleep, not really surprised after the week I've had, been a painter/decorator for over thirty year's and it's not getting any easier. I felt light and carefree. There were no rules for m...

My Little Porn Stars Pt. 02

by fatdaddio on Sep 14, 2017
Interracial Love

Time seemed to fly after my little girl did her double down 3 months ago. We fucked like rabbits several times since then, but she was constantly on the run with school and work. We would go several days at a time without seeing each other at all. It was usually some quick hi and byes. Out of the blue our lives had changed with her doing this porn thing, but...

Seven Year Itch Ch. 04

by EZ4BLKcock on Sep 15, 2017
Interracial Love

Six weeks from my first meeting with Jerome, in a seedy warehouse, the home pregnancy test showed positive. I made an appointment with my doctor, it was confirmed. Jerome had fertilized my garden with his potent seed. I called Jerome that night and asked him to come over, he agreed. I had not seen him since I moved out of my house, this worried me. Jerome...

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 08

by Happytimeshappy on Jan 29, 2018
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Am I a Monster? Lucky stared at Lois in horror as he digested what she had just suggested. How could he put himself in such a situation? How could he put himself in a position where telling Cheryl seemed like the necessary steps even if it meant he and Lois both revealing themselves to her? "No," he said in a whisper. "I have to think of another way. Chery...

The Awakening of Susan Ch. 02

by hotmilf4black on Sep 16, 2017
Interracial Love

I started to cum when Drew went in and out about two times and I had a steady orgasm going right away. After Harry came, he pulled out of my mouth and Drew took his place for his blow job. Harry got behind me and with the juice from my pussy and his wet cock, he easily slid into my asshole. Both men made this fuck last a long time and I came repeatedly unt...

Sex and Education Pt. 02

by rhimshot415 on Sep 3, 2017
First Time

This story is based upon a high school fantasy of mine. Both of the characters are over the age of 18. Their names are pure fiction. ***** CHAPTER ONE - AN UNEXPECTED GUEST On an early May afternoon I was at home, trying to do my homework. I was in my last year of high school, and I was dreaming of the fall when I would attend State University, located so...

Heidi Seeks Pt. 05

by Pocketrocket2 on Jun 10, 2019

Even in the half light she looked rather gorgeous with her legs crossed, her right stiletto pointing as if to a position on the tiles he should stand, or was it kneel? "Pour two glasses." She said, casually pointing to his right. A bottle of white wine stood on the counter to his right, but there was only one glass. When he pointed that out she merely said...