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The Sunlight Episodes Ch. 01

by BlueNotes on Sep 17, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

The first time I saw my new neighbors they were sunbathing together by their pool. I could hear voices and laughter. I use to resent the way sound traveled so easily from the yard next door up to my window. The previous owners were an older couple who often sat outside by the pool and jabbered and complained about everything under the sun. Even with the wind...

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Mom Goes Clubbing

by bayisle66 on Sep 15, 2017

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex. Scene I – Family Reunion My mother and I attended an out of town family reunion last month. Dad couldn’t get away from work, so she and I traveled together. There were several hundred family members getting together, so our relatives’ houses were crammed to the walls with people,...

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Not Just Another Walk in the Park Ch. 02

by PalmTreesandSand on Dec 2, 2019

After the attack in the park, I make my way home, incoherently stumbling inside the house where I live with my mom, Elise. My dad was killed in a terrible car accident last year putting my mom and me through the hardest thing we have ever had to face. Right around the same time, my mom quit her very lucrative job at a big law firm to work at the county Prose...

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Shy Indian Wife Opens Up Ch. 05

by aurelius1982 on Sep 12, 2017
Loving Wives

The next morning, Bela was woken up by her mother knocking hard on the door. "Bela, get up. Bela! Bela!" her mother's voice said loudly. Bela woke up with a start and sat up, unsure of where she was. Her brain registered her mother's voice and knocking. And suddenly, memories of the previous night came flooding back. Was it a dream... a nightmare, she wond...

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Stoned Mom (illustrated)

by HyperMommy on Apr 15, 2019

You are Ian Buckley, a shy 18 yo virgin boy. You live with your parents Mike Buckley and Karen Buckley. Your mother in particular is a beautiful woman in her 40s that you have often found yourself lusting over. __ Make sure to change the names before starting! __ All characters are over 18 years old. You lay in your bed, feet crossed, amused by the swirling...

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Moms Against Public Drunk Nudity #14

by SusanJillParker on Sep 25, 2017

There are no underage characters in this story. All characters are over the age of 18-years-old. Moms Against Public Drunk Nudity #14 Mistress Carol shows her son, Tom, who wears the pants in the family. 'Don't touch me! How dare you touch me? Don't you ever touch me in a sexual way without my expressed permission," she said while looking at him with the...

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Surefoot 3: Field Trip Ch. 05

by Surefoot on Sep 19, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Planet Luntanu, Alpha Squad Base Camp, 2030 Hours: The food hadn't gotten any better, but it was darker now, so at least they didn't have to see it so clearly. Sasha squatted on a container from the shuttle, fingers working over the screen as she edited the overall report, recalling Commander T'Varik's advice to maintain the principles of the acronym FACT:...

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Mom, All I Want for Xmas is You Ch. 06

by TallBlondeBustyBlueEyedBimbo on Sep 14, 2017

All characters portrayed are over the age of eighteen. ***** After his mother stayed to watch him masturbate over the thoughts of having sex with her, James was hoping to discuss their mutual, sexual attraction. Nonetheless what he hoped would happen, he needed to face the music and apologize to his mother for allowing her to catch him masturbating over th...

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Contract Extensions

by Bebop3 on Mar 6, 2018

My goal was to write something that was a little sweet and little romantic. I wanted to create a story where an attraction was evident early but true affection grew slowly. Hopefully, I came reasonably close to succeeding and I'm sure I'll hear about it if I didn't. Thanks for taking the time to read Contract Extensions. * * * * * Jerry Hernandez was one o...

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Double Trouble

by RockHerWorld on Feb 7, 2018
Erotic Couplings

I have been living alone for almost a year now since my son moved away to college and really enjoyed the freedom of having the house to myself. I had thought about the possibility of getting a roommate to help out with expenses and to have some company in the evenings when a friend from work introduced me to Jessica and said she was a school teacher that was...

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