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Infinite Scroll

Alternate world

by arami on Sep 25, 2017

Chapter 1 - kushina and the alternate world NOTE:Sorry nothing hot Just story details in this chapter and masturbation in the end. "naruto....wake up.......naruto.."said a gentle motherly voice trying to wake up the young man sleeping in the bed.naruto slowly opens his eyes and sees a beautiful woman with long red hair and amazing figure smiling in...

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Kushina's Transformation

by stitches034 on Mar 19, 2017

After the birth of Naruto which took Kushina 10 months to give birth to. Misfortune began to follow from the release of the Kyuubi all the way to the death of her husband. It seemed that Misfortune was bound to follow her..... Unbeknownst to her a mysterious transformation was about to take place.What's next? None yet kidnapped by Obito The Kyuubi makes som...

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The treaty of Kumo and Kushina (BB)

by m3n4sk3r on Jul 20, 2020
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Five years before the Kyuubi's attack. Tensions between the ninja villages have increased over time, especially between Iwa and Kumo versus Konoha. Knowing what a problem it would be to confront both villages at the same time, the Third Hokage sent two delegations to the borders of the Land of Lightning and the Land of Earth. According to the message from...

Deprivations of the Naruto World

by NecroPeridot on Feb 17, 2019
Fan Fiction

Choose which Naruto character you want to follow on this perverse journey. If you have a character, or idea you want to see in this story add a comment about it or send a message. If you want feel free to write your own path for that character. If you see any errors that need to be corrected also leave that in the comments and try to give a idea where it is...

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Kumo's Domination

by crowharvest on May 10, 2019
Fan Fiction

In the Elemental Nations, the Land of Fire had undergone some serious changes to their normal structure in the past few years. One Kumo was now in charge of all the nations and was the sole superpower with absolute control of the laws. They assigned people to villages or ask them to come to their village for different reasons. One example is they chose a new...

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Naruto: Secrets of the Kraigen Clan

by Ragnockae136 on Apr 9, 2017
Fan Fiction

You are Aroi Kraigen for Ten years you were experimented upon by the Evil Sannin: Orochimaru, his experimentations varied from modifying Your cells to incorporate the DNA of Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Minato Namikaze, Kakashi Hatake, Rai Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Baka and Naori Uchiha, Mangetsu Hōzuki, Shira Haizen, Tenzõ Iburi, Kimimaro, Tsunade, Guren,...

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Naruto: futa world

by TERMINATORprime12 on Nov 20, 2015

Enter the world of Naruto and take the place of Naruto as you venture on in the world of ninjas with a slight difference. This world contains no males only futarani. You are born on the 10 of October year 715. Life finally breathing into you, your parents are very happy with their child. Does the wife of the Yondaime Hokage Minako Namikaze, Kushina Uzumaki,...

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Naruto: Son of Kakashi

by Ragnockae136 on Nov 24, 2017
Fan Fiction

(Ninja Academy, Hidden Leaf Village of Konohagakure, Land of Fire) It was graduation day for John today, he was early, as usual, but today was a Special Day, not just because of the Gradution, but because his Father was returning Home. His Father had spent the Last Nine Years Hunting down his Mother's Killer, and only ever returned for Special Occasions. Of...

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Naruto's harem

by naruhinafan on Jun 1, 2008
Fan Fiction

Naruto had just left a council meeting that had concerned him. And now for once he had a true smile on his face. The reason he was smiling was for two reasons. The first reason was that he was finally told who his parents were. All his life he was wondering who his parents were and noe he knew that his father was the man he has the most respect for, the fou...

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Anime Protagonists Harem Adventure

by AK the OG on Jan 17, 2021
Fan Fiction

Choose any anime protagonist that you want to have a harem and start having fun. Anime protagonist the main character of the anime the one who fights the antagonist and save the world multiple times and, now after everything they done risking their lives for the ones they love it’s time that they deserve a lot of love from a bunch of ladies that fell in love...

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