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One Night in Bangkok

by trouser on Oct 25, 2015

You were extremely nervous. Not only was it your first time to Bangkok, or Asia in general, but you had also arranged to turn one of your most secret fantasies into reality: One night with a thai ladyboy. And since your company had sent you for an important meeting to Bangkok the chance was finally there. You had already hooked up with some potential ladyboy...

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The Incident

by Evenite on Oct 14, 2015

"Three months, three months since I've moved here yet I've still not unpacked everything," you mumble to yourself "Slacker as always". Looking around your one bedroom apartment you notice not much has changed. Packing boxes are still piled unopened in the corner, at least the important stuff is set-up you think to yourself noticing the du...

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Sex therapist

by qaz on Sep 1, 2016

Who do we follow?What's next? A boy A girl What's next? A boy A girl...

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Tales From the Netherworlds

by JackOLantern on Jul 20, 2018
Fan Fiction

The Netherworlds. There are a countless number of them in the universe, all with their own societies and customs. Why, nearly anything you could think of could be represented in the form of one of these demonic worlds. A world that has been converted into a gigantic spa resort run by slimes that poison their customers instead of detoxifying them? Why not? A...

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