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A Latex Crossdresser's Dream Pt. 01

by shinyglove on Aug 6, 2019

I had always enjoyed latex from even a young age, 16 onwards, and would always steal latex gloves from Dr Surgeries to use when wanking. Roll on a few years and endless watching of latex porn and also involving my wife in the purchase of several latex items. First it was just a latex miniskirt and she saw my reaction to this and so the collection grew. I ha...

Jane's New Loves

by JenniferWilson on Sep 17, 2017

Jane has lived in London for the past three years after moving from Manchester just after her 27th birthday. She moved away from the north to escape the dreary weather and to enjoy the faster pace of the nation's capital. She is tall, slim, with auburn hair falling down to her shoulders, and green eyes forever sparkling; enhancing her already beautiful face....

A Latex Crossdresser's Dream Pt. 04

by shinyglove on Nov 18, 2019

Please read A Crossdressers tale part 3 before moving on to this story. *** I slipped out of the sticky lubed up rubber, rinsed it and hung it on the rail to dry. Knowing full well I'll need it over the weekend. A quick shower and I jumped into our very large queen sized bed and began to nod off. Soon I was disturbed by someone squeezing in at the side of...

House of Pleasure Pt. 02

by Horneyandbored on Apr 21, 2020

Sam's knees were still trembling from his experience with Jessica. He had never experienced something so primal before. As Sam exited the hallway and returned to the lobby, he spoke with the receptionist. "That was...amazing, I can't believe I didn't come here sooner." "I'm glad to hear it sir, all of our clients are more than happy with their experience,...

Flight of Fantasy Pt. 02

by JenniferWilson on Aug 18, 2017

Dave's mind was in turmoil, here he was dressed partially in women's clothing that all the world could see and stare at and think 'what sort of guy would wear a rubber skirt in public?', but at the same time he was ecstatic at being able to wear the latex panties and skirt especially as they had only just come off a beautiful women who he had brought to an o...

A Latex Crossdresser's Dream Pt. 02

by shinyglove on Aug 20, 2019

Please read A Crossdressers Dream part 1 before moving on to this story. *** I was glued to the big screen as my wife helped the 11 inches of strippers cock ease into Karen's well lubed ass. Karen was enjoying every inch. "That's it big boy fuck that sweet latex ass, fuck it hard, fuck it deep," yelped Karen. My wife was also very vocal with encouragemen...

Succubus Ranch Ch. 05

by mjm202036 on Sep 19, 2017

This story is copyrighted 2007 by Jason Morris, may not be excerpted, reprinted, reproduced, or reposted in any form without the express written consent of the author. Visitors to this web site may read or temporarily download pages but are not permitted to modify or re-distribute them. The story contains sexual activities and situations that are to be read...

Latex Doll Sarah

by Merc_Silver on Sep 25, 2017

Sarah lay on her back, as the person fucking her came inside her, filling her cunt with cum, causing what was left of her mind to spark with pleasure. She would have reflected on how she came to be in this situation, but that was a bit beyond the brainless, latex, fuckdoll that she had become. It had all started a few weeks ago when her boyfriend had left t...

Flight of Fantasy

by JenniferWilson on Aug 18, 2017

David was waiting in the departure lounge at Sydney airport when he spotted the lady in the dark blue slinky skirt. He was thinking it was latex, it certainly looked like latex, but would a woman really wear latex in public, especially in an airport lounge ready to board a plane? Dave loved latex and was familiar with its appearance but didn't have any of hi...

Ruth and Wendy Pt. 03

by JenniferWilson on Sep 1, 2017

The morning sun filtering through the window curtains and onto Wendy's face slowly wakening her from her deep sleep. As she was gaining full consciousness the aroma from the latex hood brought back the memories from last evening, and of course Ruth, who was still asleep inside the cape with her head beside her crutch. Wendy softly massaged Ruth's neck and ar...