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Leather Shemale & Leather Wife

by LeatherKev on Sep 19, 2017

I have always loved seeing others wear leather. I, too, love to wear leather and have a growing collection. I can't remember when it started but it seems I have always had this fetish for leather. During my first job out of college, I met a lovely young woman named Mikky. She was beautiful. Long dark hair, blue eyes, and long legs. All I could think of was s...

Seeing Jane

by djm298 on Oct 8, 2019
Erotic Couplings

Jane and I had been working together for about six months. She was transferred from the Chicago office for a project that was dragging on interminably. She is very effective in her work, approaching everything she does with great initiative and a professional attitude. Her credentials are exceptional - top undergraduate and graduate education, top tier firms...

A Hot Night in the Middle of Winter

by johncockenfurs on Sep 13, 2017
Loving Wives

I typically dress rather conservative in public when it comes to my leather. I will wear my boots, coat and gloves, but that is usually it. I have on occasion worn my black leather jeans that I had made to fit like my Levi 527's, but only if we are going to a bar or a concert -- it has to be dark and after-hours as these things fit me very tight, leaving not...

Leather and Lace

by AaronLove on Sep 16, 2017

I had been chatting with Lace for a month and a half before she invited me to her home which she shares with her husband. At 22, I hadn't yet had such an experience. Lace had shown me pictures of both her and her husband and they both seemed like normal people in their forties. "Cum by and let us show you a good time," her message said in the chat room. For...

Leather Care for the BDSM Community

by Navajazz on Sep 1, 2017
How To

One of the nicest things about my interests in caring for and riding horses, and in the BDSM lifestyle is the overlap in the equipment used for both activities. From whips to bit gags, crops to boots, and all the other leather harnesses and equipment, leather is a predominant material for both equestrians and Dominants, horses and submissives (especially pon...


by BootPunk on Sep 14, 2017

Waiting. These long periods of idle waiting really do get on my nerves. There is simply nothing going on then, not a single thing at all. I am just standing around, doing nothing but to wait all the time. And it is not just for a couple of hours, sometimes I have to wait for days, even weeks before something happens. I keep wondering how spiders can cope wit...

Infidelity Gets Out of Hand Ch. 03

by johncockenfurs on Aug 29, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Emma and I were now fucking on a regular basis. Late nights, weekends, mostly in my office but also in my car and occasionally in a hotel room since neither of us could go home. Eventually my wife had to go to Los Angeles for a week for work -- she's a marketing consultant and a very high priced and in demand one at that. I decided to have Emma over for a ni...

Submissive Cum Laude Ch. 02

by ChainedToAKeyboard on Aug 24, 2020

Alex gazed up at the menu, his arms crossed as he decided what to have for lunch. He had just arrived at The Yellow Submarine, the best eatery he'd discovered within walking distance of campus. They made fantastic hoagies, a decent fish & chips and Alex could get a burger if he was feeling really American. He didn't particularly care for the 50's and 60'...

My Favorite Glove Saleslady

by Classygloves on Sep 16, 2017

Ever since my mother bought me my very own pair of black ladies' kid gloves after she had caught me wearing her kid gloves to pleasure myself with, I have developed a very strong affection for the ladies who work at the "Ladies Glove Counters" in the better department stores. Now I know that I am dating myself, but I go back to a time when every woman had sc...

Shemale Adventure Ch. 1

by girlboybootsie on Aug 18, 2017

You: early 20's, tall boyish good looks with a lean and muscular body. Dressed in tight leather pants, from behind your tight buns are revealed by the shiny black leather, as are your cock and balls from the front. You are wearing black leather boots and a denim shirt that refuses to hide your strong broad shoulders. Me: early 30's, tall, blue eyed, consid...