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Slow Hand and a Woman's Touch Ch. 03

by LadyofErotica on Jul 3, 2018

Please vote for my story. Lauren calls Jack to tell him that she saw her daughter having lesbian sex. Continued from Chapter 02: Mindlessly, while listening to their private conversation and watching her daughter having lesbian sex, in the way that Jack always does, Lauren felt her breast through her blouse and bra, first one and then the other. Becoming...

Lesbian Test Ch. 02

Humor & Satire

"I think she's a lesbian whispered Joe to me loud enough for Kathy to hear." Turning the table on us, she shot him a look that turned into her famous sexy smile. "You two could be gay for all I know," she said laughing and looking from me to Joe and back at me again. "You're not gay are you? You two haven't turned gay on me, have you? Now that I think of i...

Slow Hand and a Woman's Touch Ch. 06

by LadyofErotica on Aug 1, 2018

Please vote for my story. * Becky and Ellen have lesbian sex with Lauren while Jack watches. Continued from Chapter 05: "If only Becky wasn't lesbian, I'd loved to feel her tits while fingering her nipples," said Jack obviously sexually excited from seeing sexy photos of Becky in various colors and styles of bras and panties, topless, and naked. As if a...

Gotham City by Catwoman

by Bubble_Butt on Dec 1, 2019
Mind Control

[ A/N: Free Use World !! The main storyline will continue. Please create branching alternative storylines about Catwoman's lesbian anal fetish mind control version of Gotham City. (Please no scat or vore.) ] Prologue: Batgirl struggled with the nylon ropes binding her in place. They dug deep into her costume across her nips and down the crack of her pert ass...

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Feminist Lesbian Woman in Islam

by Samuelx on Sep 13, 2017
Group Sex

Outspoken feminist. Proud lesbian. Women's issues author. Staunch liberal. Title IX supporter. Women's rugby coach. Odd are the paths that led me to Allah, my brothers and sisters. My Christian name was Meredith Janet Hawthorne. My friends called me M.J. Recently I changed my name to Fatuma Al-Shabar. Changing my name to fully reflect my Muslim identity. I a...

Lesbian Test Ch. 03

Humor & Satire

"Then, allow me to give you my free lesbian test." "Lesbian test? What lesbian test?" She looked from me to Joe and back at me again. "You guys are crazy. What the Hell is a lesbian test?" "I devised a foolproof lesbian test," I said with a sly smile. "And I'm asking you to take it so that you will know, we will know," I said looking at Joe, "once and for...

Further Training as Sissy Lesbian

by maturesubmale_for_F on Apr 22, 2020
Transgender & Crossdressers

Dear readers, This is a continuation of my story 'Miss Johnstone's Lesbian Sissy Slut' and I sincerely recommend reading that story first as it provides background for this one. Enjoy and please take time to give me some feedback! Theo 3. Intermission: Further training Following the loss of my sissy virginity just after I had turned eighteen years old,...

Living with My Mother-in-law Ch. 01

by WickedWhoreWriter on Jul 14, 2020

Out of the blue and without even asking him his permission, Janice, Roger's wife, invited her mother, Christine, to live with her and her newly married husband, Roger. Barely, two-years after they were married, thirty-year-old Janice invited her fifty-five-year-old mother, Christine, to live with her and her husband, Roger. If that wasn't enough of a shocki...

Slow Hand and a Woman's Touch Ch. 04

by LadyofErotica on Jul 17, 2018

With mother suddenly having incestuous, lesbian thoughts for her daughter, Lauren tells Jack all the sexual details about Becky with Ellen. Continued from Chapter 03: As soon as she told Jack that she saw Becky naked, the image of her daughter's naked breasts and naked pussy filled her mind with sexual excitement. She never thought she could feel this way...

Story Tags

by Literotica on Sep 18, 2017
How To

You've written your story, edited it within an inch of its life, and are all ready to show it to the world. You open a submission page and – what's this? Story Tags? What the bleep is a Story Tag? The larger any archive grows, the more important organization becomes. Separating stories into our current categories helps connect readers with stories they'll e...