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A Taste of Slavery Ch. 39

by Thors_Fist on Dec 16, 2019
Novels and Novellas

This chapter sees Rhonda as slave for a day (or is it longer). This chapter contains lesbian sex, oral sex, anal sex, a double penetration, interracial sex, and domination and submission, including a spanking. If these things don't float your boat, read no further. As for all chapters in this story, STD's don't exist and the participants need not concern the...

How We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 09

by watchdwag on Sep 11, 2017
Loving Wives

Laura and I got married shortly after she graduated and we decided to make our home in Raleigh. The first few years of marriage was great but we knew we both enjoyed a little variety in our lovemaking and we tried experimenting with threesomes and swapping with other couples that we met in clubs. But it was difficult as neither of us was rather bold when it...

A Friend with Strange Benefits Ch. 01

by pelletron on Sep 16, 2017

I've known Ana for about a year. She is pretty geek girl with black short hair, glasses, and light brown skin. Normally wears jeans and a tight t-shirt, showing her nice shaped tummy. She is a friend of a friend and we bump into each other from time to time. Although she never showed any interest in me until, out of blue, she started talking to me in a party...

Slaves Next Door

by InLeaves on Sep 25, 2017
Mind Control

Part One Heather was waking up from her nap, and was regretting it already. She wasn't a nap person, and was now facing one good hour of headaches. It beat facing the full brunt of a seven-hour long flight, but for some reason, the headache was really severe this time. "Hmmmngh...dammit..." She had shoulder-length dirty blonde hair and cute features marre...

The Story of my Submission

by SubGirlLaura on Sep 16, 2017

Hello, this is Laura. I am 24 years old and I would like to share the story of my submission with you. I have been authorised by my Mistress Carmen to write and to publish this story. Every word is true, and the email addresses I will state in the end are also real. To begin with I would like to say that I am actually lesbian. It is true that my first sexua...

Midnight Bells

by TommyScuttlebuttClitwrangler on Dec 25, 2019

Mistress and Slave were lovers. They loved each other with a passion and they were completely devoted to each other, but Mistress had been born to command and Slave had been born to obey. Mistress was an extreme dominant and Slave was an extreme submissive. They were the perfect couple. Mistress was a professional lesbian dominatrix and such an astute bus...

Further Training as Sissy Lesbian

by maturesubmale_for_F on Apr 22, 2020
Transgender & Crossdressers

Dear readers, This is a continuation of my story 'Miss Johnstone's Lesbian Sissy Slut' and I sincerely recommend reading that story first as it provides background for this one. Enjoy and please take time to give me some feedback! Theo 3. Intermission: Further training Following the loss of my sissy virginity just after I had turned eighteen years old,...

Sparkle Someone Else's Eyes

by archibael on Sep 16, 2017
Mind Control

Melanie decided that she definitely liked this club-- "Empire", it was called. Located in a somewhat revitalized part of the city, the decor was classy, the drinks were expensive... and everybody was dressed to the nines. Very chic. In addition, this DJ was pretty good, but she wanted to hear something closer to heart. She wandered over towards his booth wh...

OSO - Karen Ch. 05

by PandaPensif on Sep 14, 2017

This is a BDSM fantasy. If you don't want to read a story with non-willing sex or beatings stop reading right now. All of this is fantasy nothing is real. Context: OSO is an organization that abducts and tames girls to sell them as slaves. They use a breaking procedure written by Karen. But two slaves died in the breaking centre from heart attack. Jim the O...

Miss Johnstone's Lesbian Sissy Slut

by maturesubmale_for_F on Apr 20, 2020
Transgender & Crossdressers

1. Becoming a lesbian sissy slut I was eighteen years old when I became a girl. Or rather: When I was turned into a submissive lesbian sissy slut by my High School teacher, Miss Johnstone. She was an imposing woman, in her late fifties, tall and with short cropped grey hair. She had piercing green eyes and a well-trained body that she kept in shape by regul...