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Living with My Mother-in-law Ch. 01

by WickedWhoreWriter on Jul 14, 2020

Out of the blue and without even asking him his permission, Janice, Roger's wife, invited her mother, Christine, to live with her and her newly married husband, Roger. Barely, two-years after they were married, thirty-year-old Janice invited her fifty-five-year-old mother, Christine, to live with her and her husband, Roger. If that wasn't enough of a shocki...

Sexual Fantasy Become Reality #03

by MotherandSonTrueConfessions on Mar 2, 2020

When fiction becomes fact. Was what happened real, a fantasy, a dream, or a nightmare? Joan is stripped naked and forced to have sex with two men and three women. Reviewed, Revised, Rewritten, and Continued from Chapter 02: "Hey! What the Hell are you doing? Ow! You're hurting me. Stop! Let me go. What are you doing with that rope? Don't you dare tie me....

Sexual Fantasy Become Reality #04

by MotherandSonTrueConfessions on Mar 10, 2020
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Sexual Fantasy Becomes Reality, #04 When fiction becomes fact. Was what happened real, a fantasy, a dream, or a nightmare? First, Joan had forced sex with J. R. and, his bodyguard, big Al where they forced her to blow them and gangbanged her. Then, she had forced lesbian sex with J. R.'s wife, Brigitte, with Madam Crystal, and Madam Tiffany. Now, that her...


by olly on Oct 3, 2017
Mind Control

In the first year of your relationship with Emma you were totally happy, but as time went on you found yourself increasingly sexually frustrated. The almost total lack of sex had been taking its toll on you and the relationship. You knew that if things didn’t change your relationship wouldn’t last. Using this logic, buying the Slave4U aphrodisiac off the int...

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Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos Ch. 04

by AnotherHotWife on Mar 27, 2019

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. Remember that the term 'teen' can refer to a person who is 18 or 19 years of age! This is the continuing saga of the Idol of Lesbos, which has been put to film by Margo Sullivan. I'm proud to say that my taboo story has succeeded in making headway into the adult industry. Enjoy a trip in...

Your Wife's Lesbian Fantasy Phone Sex

by HawkerDeHavilland on Aug 30, 2017
How To

Advice for the wayward phone sex girl: a script * The challenges of the phone sex girl! They are housewives, mothers, single girls and working women who are employed to be that sweet voice on the other end of the phone when you call. But... Find a service that does realistic "call-backs" If only phone-sex ladies knew just how many callers have fantasie...

Story Tags

by Literotica on Sep 18, 2017
How To

You've written your story, edited it within an inch of its life, and are all ready to show it to the world. You open a submission page and – what's this? Story Tags? What the bleep is a Story Tag? The larger any archive grows, the more important organization becomes. Separating stories into our current categories helps connect readers with stories they'll e...

Kicking and Screaming Ch. 03

by SevMax2 on Jul 20, 2020
Loving Wives

"So, it's done now. The divorce is final. And you can marry Consuela now. A smart choice, I might add. Just not one that most men in my experience would have made. You're a rare fellow, Jack Jackson. Incidentally, where the 'Jack' come from, anyway? It's not your legal name, and as your wife, I definitely noticed," Jill commented on the notice that we both r...

Feminist Lesbian Woman in Islam

by Samuelx on Sep 13, 2017
Group Sex

Outspoken feminist. Proud lesbian. Women's issues author. Staunch liberal. Title IX supporter. Women's rugby coach. Odd are the paths that led me to Allah, my brothers and sisters. My Christian name was Meredith Janet Hawthorne. My friends called me M.J. Recently I changed my name to Fatuma Al-Shabar. Changing my name to fully reflect my Muslim identity. I a...

The Nude Gun Ch. 07

by Absolutelywickedthoughts on Sep 25, 2017
Mind Control

Please enjoy this latest installment. I haven't been able to find an editor for this series, so I apologize for any errors in advance. But felt it was time to post regardless. I hope you enjoy, please vote. Fives are appreciated. ***** Peeking through the peep hole on her door Nancy opened it despite being complete naked. Standing before her was the most s...