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Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 11

by StoryTeller07 on Sep 26, 2017

Believes she's a schoolgirl Rose stood before her daughter squirming like an awkward schoolgirl. She wanted to ask something, but didn't dare to, in case her daughter had changed her mind. It was times like these that brought home how firmly her daughter was in charge. Rose had become used to her daughter dictating everything in her life, but sometimes it...

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Consequences Ch. 09

by PrevertedMe on Sep 26, 2017

Frank set down the book he was reading and leaned back into the couch's comfort. Sitting with only the light from the reading lamp illuminating the room he quietly contemplated where his marriage stood. Days ago he had introduced Julie to the lite bondage and spanking, and had watched her powerful orgasm wrack her body. He did have something more planned for...

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Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 02

by MTL17 on Sep 11, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Clutching tightly to the note she had found in her locker Haley continued looking for Brooke. It was lunchtime and she was very hungry, but she was also pissed and wanted to face her tormentor far more than she wanted to eat. Finally spotting the girl she was looking for walking into the girls bathroom Haley followed her inside. As Brooke used the facilitie...

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Daddies and 'Little Girls'

by TitsFlannagen on Sep 14, 2017

The Party Little Girl's nipples ached against the frigid curved glass of the large fish bowl in the center of Aqua Section. Her long red braid wrapped around her wrists behind her in a knot so it pulled her head back and pressed her bare medium chest to the icy condensation of the frosty glass. Her knees were far apart with her ankles shackled to a bolt in...

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Instructions for Little Girls

by fallstaffer on Nov 26, 2017

The following are instructions I wrote for my baby girl who was 19 at the time. We lived long distance and I wanted her to have something that could help her feel connected to me. I am almost twenty years older than her, and the age gap between us was something that turned her on. Any discussion in this piece to age or me being older than her is in reference...

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Without a Sound

by hypnoticharlequin on May 21, 2019
Mind Control

Beth looked around the cafe as she cleaned the milk frother's nozzle. It was a normal evening, the store was full of people on their way home from the office, students settling in for a night of study or couples doing their best to carve out a few minutes of romance. However, this meant the cafe was extremely noisy. When there were only a few people the noi...

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Good Slut - Guided Masturbation

by TieMeUpAndTeaseMe on Apr 15, 2020
Toys & Masturbation

Materials: A scarf/tie/rope, a wooden spoon/some sort of hard, flat surface I'm going to make you feel so good. I'm going to make you tease yourself until you squeal. Does that sound good, princess? Good. I want to start you off by reminding you that whatever free will you thought you had, you don't. Imagine that your hands are my hands, torturing you and...

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Daddy Play

by sirsemega on Sep 19, 2017

He had been hinting about it for quite sometime. Pushing things as always, he had latched onto a new role play: Daddy/daughter play. At first it made me squeamish. The ick factor was quite high. When he first used that term I had frozen. I stopped kissing him and quickly pulled myself off his lap. "What did you say that for?" I asked. He had a smile on his...

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The Troublemaker

by TeddyAston on Jun 25, 2019

"If you're a bad girl you know I can always take your favourite toy away for another month..." Sloane makes a good, quiet girl out of the patient with nothing more than a press of her gloved hand against the aroused, swollen vagina under the hospital gown. "Ah, there we go. That's my good girl, not feeling so fussy now?" She smiles, leaning over the railing...

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Chloe Joins In

by Svenstar on Sep 1, 2017
Group Sex

Some months ago my girlfriend (Chloe) and I went to London for a long weekend; you know, the see a show and shopping thing. We didn't get to London until late Friday evening due to train delays and immediately crashed on the bed in the hotel. Chloe fell asleep and I flicked the telly on. Chloe is 5'10", slim build, a brunette, with these long unending legs a...

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