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A Party In Her Panties

by Sally Tart on Sep 25, 2017
Loving Wives

To all my fans. Sorry my new story has been so long in coming. Most of you that e-mail me know I've been have computer problems. But here it is. A little long but I think you will like it. ***** This Monday morning was starting out just like so many others have in the last year. I woke up around eight am feeling oh so horny. My Husband Chuck had left for w...

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Batman: Dress Crossing

by Zev95 on Sep 19, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

"Hark, evildoers!" Harley said, trampling through Ivy's greenhouse with her hands locked on her svelte hips. "Poison Ivy, your reign of herbal hijinx ends tonight!" A week ago, Harley and Ivy had captured the Dominoed Daredoll, and had far too much fun testing out a new batch of sex pollen out on her. She'd gotten away, but fortunately she'd left her costum...

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Silver Eyes Ch. 03

by ParanormalQueen on Sep 18, 2017

The bar was heaving with suited bodies and loud drum and bass music. Annette strained to hear orders shouted by a fat red-faced man who looked like he should pack in the alcohol and sleep soundly. It was the fourth time the man had come up to the bar to order drinks for him and his friends and it was not eleven o' clock yet. This would definitely be a proble...

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Brighton Hall Bi Boys

by Shade_Colbourne on Sep 14, 2017
Group Sex

The sounds of cocksucking bounce off the cinder block walls of our tiny dorm room. My straight roommate, Colin, is naked now and has begun stroking his growing erection as he watches us from his bed. The feeling of a hot, wet, obviously-experienced mouth greedily feasting on my cock begins to fill me a familiar pleasure that tells me I won't last long. Norma...

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Innocence Lost Ch. 31

by bradley_stoke on Sep 16, 2017
Novels and Novellas

In Which Innocence remains with Honore; Innocence is recorded in the photographic media and Dodie returns to the comforts of Innocence. Honore hoisted up her huge breasts from underneath the desk where she was working on her word processor, and rested their immense weight on the surface, relieving herself of the strain of supporting them without assistance....

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Emma Ch. 38

by bradley_stoke on Sep 16, 2017
Novels and Novellas

XXXVIII Susan was enjoying her time off from work: wandering about the shops and looking for things to buy. She also enjoyed looking at other people, especially those who were most physically attractive: men or women, it didn’t bother her. She didn’t mind the stares that followed her, attracted by the large dildo protruding through the flies of her culotte...

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The Fantasy of Mr. Finch

by NamelessOne on Aug 31, 2017
Group Sex

Girls sure do look different than when I was in high school. Take Candy Jesco. This girl has tits that rival those of the unrealistically big-bosomed women depicted the cover of all those fantasy cartoon books. How she can cheer with those 40DD melons bouncing all over the place, I don't know. I just know that I've been fantasizing about attaching my mouth t...

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The Orb Ch. 02

by JohnnyMcThunder on Sep 5, 2018
Mind Control

*All Characters are 18+* Also I feel like writing in First-Person better suits the story so the series from here on out will be written in first-person from Dan's perspective. Thanks! ***** It only took about an hour to move everything from my car to my dormitory so I had everything in place fairly quickly. In the time that I waited for my roommate to arr...

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While They Were Sleeping

by norse_angel on Aug 28, 2018

Katie glanced at Dr Anderson as he rubbed his wife's back. He winked at her as he moved her hair off the shoulder, tracing the slope of her neck with his thumb. He had unbuttoned his shirt at some point and she was having a hard time looking away. He was well built, long arms and lean body, the small amount of chest she could see was defined and smooth. Mrs...

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The Music Teacher Pt. 02

by sweetest_oblivion on Nov 4, 2019
Erotic Couplings

Clarissa turned to step toward the bed. She felt very exposed standing there, naked, as he watched her. "Wait, kitten." He spoke, touching her arm. She turned and met his eyes. "I'm glad I came to meet you. It's going to be fun to break you." He smirked at her, then broke into a wide smile. She smiled and felt at ease; it was so easy to be with him. "Mm...

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