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Infinite Scroll

*Offspring Slavery*

by Erandil on Jun 20, 2007

---This is a sequel to the story where Eric gets both his mother and sister as his slaves, which begun with the second choice from the introduction in Sibling Slavery second edition. I will be working simultaneously on an alternate version of this story with an alteration of the age of the characters to make it a "lolicon" story. I'll warn you when...

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Ace Li's Adventures in Pornland 05

by assco on Sep 15, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

CHAPTER IX FEIKU KAME'S STORY ACE LI brought down the golden chalice and swallowed the last of the cum as the crowd clapped and cheered. (And if you care to know how Kingu Heretsu rode Ace Li to that first prize or how she hopped away from a mad sex party with a dildo in her pussy, then you should first visit her earlier adventures.) Kisaki Heretsu smiled...

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Time Rider Ch. 06

by BiscuitHammer on Jun 19, 2019
Humor & Satire

Disclaimer: All characters portrayed engaging in sexual activity are 18 years of age or older. Actual historical figures or living people represented appear strictly for context and humour; I lay no claim to them. If you had trouble following the plots of Pulp Fiction or Four Rooms because of the back-and-forth timelines, just turn around and leave now, as t...

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Deanna's Surprise Pt. 02

by Gorgo on Sep 12, 2017

With C&C from D.B. Story **** **** **** (Herm/Bi-'bot, Bi-'bot/M-'bot, rom, oral, SciFi, ASFR) WRITER'S NOTES: This part takes place six weeks after Part One. It is written in first person with Deanna's POV. Marlenn's POV will be displayed in italics (in HTML format) or framed with six asterixes at the start and end of the section (in TXT format). Marlen...

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Satyr Play 02 Pt. 01

by BurntRedstone on Oct 8, 2018
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Author's Notes: 'Satyr Play 2' is a continuation of my surprisingly well-received first attempt to dabble in the realm of magic. Obviously, I learned nothing from the first as, in this story, I continue to ride roughshod over preconceived notions and the 'established guidelines' of the genre. Mea Culpa. Minimal effort is made in this tale to explain the ba...

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