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A Musician's Love Life

by KSBerry on Dec 10, 2017
Loving Wives

The old saying, "Just Sing." is true. You want to get laid? Be a musician. That's almost all it takes. I'm Tim, I am the lead guitarist as well as co-lead singer for a local cover band. We play gigs every weekend, focusing on songs from the 70's and 80's. Sometimes, we'll throw in a 90's song now and then. Or even "Brown Eyed Girl" from the 60's. Our band h...

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Using Literotica

by Goldeniangel on Sep 14, 2017
How To

This fabulous website known as Literotica.com offers a plethora of reading material in many different categories. Therefore, despite attempts to make the site easy to use by putting the stories into specific categories, there always seem to be some readers who manage to get lost and find themselves reading a story that they REALLY don't like. Often they deci...

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Kate's Date with Destiny Ch. 01

by StoneyLodge on Sep 16, 2017

(© 2008, all rights reserved) Note: this story contains descriptions of sexual acts committed by force, i.e., non-consent, rape, and bi-sexuality. If such acts offend the reader, it is suggested that one pass up this story. Furthermore, the author wishes to say that it is a work of fiction whose contents and details do not necessarily reflect his own predil...

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Love Your Readers: Categories

by Tx Tall Tales on Dec 9, 2019
How To

============================ Help Your Readers. Categorized Your Story Correctly. In Love Your Readers, I wrote about things you do to improve the reading experience for your readers. In Love Your Readers: Categories, I'd like to share my ideas on making it easier for the readers to decide to give your stories a read, by placing it in the right category....

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Marriage and Infidelity

by Youami on Sep 16, 2017
Reviews & Essays

This contribution of mine is an attempt by me to raise some of the very important issues raised by many of the Loving Wives tales. Before I discuss more general areas, it is appropriate that I place before you details of my own martial situation that have motivated me to comment on these issues. When I decided to marry my wife it was because of my unconditi...

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A Category That Is: Loving Wives Pt. 02

by Sammael Bard on Sep 13, 2017
How To

These are the sole views, thinking and muddling of The Soulful Bard on Literotica Category "Loving Wives" that brings out some of the most colourful responses you'll ever see on an erotic website. Frankly, I didn't expect a barrage of comments on that earlier essay. Thanks to all of those who commented, provided helpful insights and even ended up fighting...

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Burning Down The House: A Story Event

by Literotica on Dec 2, 2019
Loving Wives

From blackrandl1958: Welcome to the mini-event, "Burning Down the House." Several writers who read and post in the Loving Wives category put our heads together and decided to write some classic Loving Wives stories. These are stories in which the characters are neither passive actors in their marriages nor homicidal maniacs. Just people who do the best th...

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IaW Ch. 00: The Foreword to In a World

by Wilson Spalding on Mar 17, 2020

INTRODUCTION In the world of Literotica, the "In a World" series averages out as a "loving wives" story. The narrative plays out over several chapters and the story is still being written. It doesn't move fast, so if you're looking for a quickie - and those are great - this isn't the story you need right now. When you've got the time to pour yourself a dr...

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Birthday Boy Gang-Bang Ch. 11

by SevMax2 on Jun 1, 2020

"Oh, fuck ... oh, fuck ... oh, fuck!" I found myself groaning as Mariamne pegged me good and hard from behind, bent over my wife's favorite ottoman. It was an incredible time for me, no doubt of that, to commit my first ever incest with my half-sister, no less, and also be pegged yet again. So far, the only one to peg me prior to her was my own wife, Britta...

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My Wife Loves It Ch. 02

by SunrockSin on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

  Time was once such a fleeting thing and suddenly now it is all so irrelevant. Okay, sure I still understand it as part of the whole cause and effect continuum but once forever becomes a reality a person can finally just relax. I guess being able to relax helped me understand what happened in the last few minutes of my life, as well as the hours that...

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