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Infinite Scroll

Master PC 2.0 : Nouvelle interface

by W0lff on Jul 13, 2019
Mind Control

Je suis l’aîné dans ma famille, et je n’ai pratiquement jamais connu mon père puisqu’il est mort quand j’avais trois ans dans un accident de la route. À cette même période, ma mère accouchait de jumelles qui ont de toute évidence eu plus d’affection et d’amour que moi. Je pourrais très bien affabuler, comme beaucoup d’enfants le font pour essayer de s’attire...

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Master PC - Trust Ch. 03

by mad_jack on Sep 15, 2017
Mind Control

PART 3 – SIMON I got home late that night, almost midnight. Andrea, as I'd expected, was long since in bed. I looked in on her in the bedroom. She was lying on the bed in her usual sleepwear of an old t-shirt and faded pajama bottoms, with the blankets kicked off in the warm summer night. I momentarily enjoyed the sight of her cotton-covered ass in the lig...

Master PC: Jenny's Tale

by 4EyesDawn on Oct 8, 2014
Mind Control

It was a lazy Saturday morning and Jenny Nguyen was spending some time on her computer before starting her day. Jenny is an 18 year old high school senior living in a smallish town in northern California. She's still in her pajamas when she comes across the e-mail that will change her life. "Master PC? What the hell is this?" she asks herself as sh...

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Master PC - Cally's Journey - 02

by Aleiand on Sep 15, 2017
Mind Control

Chapter 2 -- Tammy's Plight This was not good, Cally thought at she tried once again to get the program to reset her to "normal". At first she had thought it was going to be easy, just instruct the program to reset her to her baseline configuration. There was even a "go back" button to progressively erase undesired changes. Unfortunately, every time she tri...

Master PC - Trust Ch. 02

by mad_jack on Sep 15, 2017
Mind Control

PART 2 - Andrea I woke up before Simon did the next morning, and I lay there for quite some time thinking about the events of the night before. I had been doubtful, to say the least, when he'd told me about this amazing "Master PC" computer program that he'd gotten hold of. "It lets you do anything you want to other people or yourself", he'd said; "Mental,...

Master PC

by NemoHoes on Apr 26, 2020

Choose your character:What's next? John Donger, 18 What's next? John Donger, 18...

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The Master PC

by doctorbreast on Sep 26, 2017
Mind Control

Finally, you have found it. You spent all week searching the deep dark net looking for a copy, and you have found it. The fabled Master PC actually exists, and now you have it installed on your computer! Your name is David. You are 20 years old, 6 foot tall, and currently on your summer break. The next day you and a group of 5 friends are leaving for a holid...

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A Master PC Tale

by radiedwa on Dec 31, 2010
Science Fiction

Welcome John Doe to the Master PC Universe. Don't know what that is well you are in for a wonderful treat. To get started just select your sex below. Or if you wish to read more for background and history... I suggest a word from JR Parz himself... Also, all the stories he found to his liking, along...

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Items of Power

by Cross C on Sep 20, 2016
Mind Control

Some examples of the Items that might appear in the reality of your choice: Ring of 3: A golden ring with three emeralds. When worn you can change a person through the use of a three word phrase. A person can only be changed three times before they are immune to further uses of the ring, however any transformations are then permanent. Reality Remote: Alter r...

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Master PC Reboot Ch. 03

by KoalaKing on Oct 2, 2017

To all those reading, please enjoy! If it's not your thing, that's ok! But if you're interested in the Master PC universe, check out JR Praz's page on asstr. It's where all the Master PC stories eventually find their home. Thanks, everyone for their comments! I hope you stick around for the next installment! My editors' survival depends on it! Sorry it's be...