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Up On the Rooftop

by Athena_e19 on Sep 18, 2017
Toys & Masturbation

This is my entry into the winter story competition. Please remember to vote and comment at the end! Have a wonderful holiday! * She slipped quietly to the communal garden atop aher building. It was quiet and cold. The white blanket of powdery snow seemed to dampen out the world. Even the busy street below was quite. Only the sound of her breath curling li...

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Dressing Room Stranger Fuck Ch. 01

by dirtykinkysex on Sep 11, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Hey there, this is the story of what happened to me the other day at my local mall. It was so amazing and wonderful that I feel I really have to share. I was shopping for a nice pair of dress pants as my old ones had gotten ruined when I spilled something or other on them. That is to say that my wife decided that they were ruined, I would have been perfectl...

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Amethyst Deflowered Ch. 02

by alpineshoodrat on Sep 12, 2017

5 years later... Amethyst pulled her two-door Ford Escort into the parking lot of the day care center at about 5:00 pm. A bouncy, smiling little girl with long black hair and piercing blue eyes happily greeted her at the door with an enthusiastic hug. Piper was her daughter. 4 years old and a result of the rape that stole her innocence. Tess had struggled w...

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Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 06

by mangrove jack on Sep 18, 2017

Jackie had told me Ron wanted to see me at his office. When I arrived Jackie was there. His office staff consisted of young beautiful girls two of them were the cheer leaders for my footy team. Jackie grabbed my arm when she saw me staring and hustled me into Ron's office. Ron's plans for the parents to chip in and build a den for the Boy Scouts were lai...

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On the Beach Ch. 02

by Kathi on Sep 16, 2017

The bright morning sun and a full bladder woke him up. "It's not even 7 o'clock on a Sunday morning," he muttered in disbelief while sitting on the side of the bed facing the ocean. His erection led the way into the bathroom where he had to wait a minute for it to subside before he could take his morning piss. As he automatically shook the last few drops...

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Good Things Would Happen

by Softly on Sep 12, 2017

Sure, I know that I drink too much. With the last two years that I've had, so would you. My husband, Dr. Frederick Harmon, dear man, was a full professor at state, when he was killed in an auto accident. Yes, I make good money from my position as principal at Armstrong High School. I have a son, Jimmy, who just started college. Thankfully, his tuition is fre...

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His Slave

by keptsissy on Sep 19, 2017

He's kept naked. He's not allowed to wear any clothing at all, has none in my house. The only thing he wears, and he wears it all the time, not allowed to even touch it, is a CB-6000 and metal collar. If I think he's touched it, played with him self through his chastity tube, he's whipped. When he's rewarded with my hand his wrists are secured either behind...

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Office Surprise

by Tribble on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

I've had all that I can stand. I throw on my jacket, grab my bag and head for your office. I'm horny as hell and so hot for you that I can feel my juices leaking down the insides of my thighs. Oh well, if you won't come to me, I guess I'll go to you. My nipples are already hard just thinking about what I want to do to you. I decide to grab a cab. I get in an...

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Like Father, Like Son Ch. 02

by caramelgirl_2 on Sep 12, 2017
Interracial Love

Xenia left the living room with the porno flick still playing and Nicholas standing in front of the leather sofa, waiting for her to come back. His pants had dropped and were gathered around his feet. He stepped out of them. His socks were flopping off his feet, dirty at the soles. He took the socks off and let them drop near the pants that lay in a heap on...

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Primal Evolution Pt. 02

by LikeTheLotus on Sep 12, 2017

I would like to thank Kirsty so much for editing this! I'll be submitting more soon, enjoy everyone!! Thank you all for the positive comments and feedback. ***** Thekiss was overwhelming, his mouth engulfed mine in a demanding kiss. I felt some part of me take over; something wild, something that had been in a cage for a long time. He had stopped moving in...

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